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19-Feb-2024"Na Neitou Qele Ga Qo" ("This Is Our Only Land"): Adaptation to the Effects of Climate Change in Rural Indigenous FijiansLykins, Amy D ; Nunn, Patrick ; Kumar, Roselyn; Sundaraja, Cassandra ; Cosh, Suzanne 11-Apr-2024
2Jan-2024'All we found were bones': Veterinary workers' distress and trauma after Australia's Black Summer bushfiresPaul, Nicola K ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Lykins, Amy D 11-Apr-2024
3Jan-2024Mental ill-health in rural and metropolitan dwelling Australian youth during the first COVID-19 waveLykins, Amy D ; Cosh, Suzanne M; Bartik, Warren ; Tully, Phillip J 11-Apr-2024
4Jan-2024Climate change anxiety positively predicts antenatal distress in expectant female parentsLykins, Amy D ; Bonich, Mary; Sundaraja, Cassandra ; Cosh, Suzanne 11-Apr-2024
56-Nov-2023“Io, Keimami Leqataka Vakalevu Na Vei Gauna Mai Muri” (“We are Worried About the Future Generation”): Experiences of Eco-Grief in Rural Indigenous FijiansLykins, Amy ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Nunn, Patrick D ; Kumar, Roselyn; Sundaraja, Cassandra 20-Nov-2023
6Nov-2023In situ provisioning wildlife with food, water, or shelter after bushfires: Using a One Welfare framework to guide responsesBidda Jones; Catherine Herbert; Samantha Finnerty; Kennedy, Brooke ; Lykins, Amy ; Martin, John M; McManus, Phil; Raubenheimer, David; Shaw, Michelle; McGreevy, Paul D 11-Apr-2024
727-Jun-2023Purchasing products with sustainable palm oil: designing and evaluating an online intervention for Australian consumersSundaraja, Cassandra Shruti ; Hine, Donald W ; Thorsteinsson, Einar B ; Lykins, Amy D 11-Sep-2023
828-Apr-2023Australian Youth Mental Health and Climate Change Concern After the Black Summer BushfiresLykins, Amy D ; Parsons, Melissa ; Craig, Belinda M ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Hine, Donald W ; Murray, Clara 19-Jun-2023
911-Jan-2023The mental health effects of eco-anxiety - a systematic review of quantitative researchLykins, A ; Robinson, K; Ryan, R; Tognella, J; Tully, P 22-Jul-2023
102023"Voted Yes—What Else Can I Do?": Coping With Stigma-Related Stress During the Australian Marriage Equality DebateEcker, Saan; Lykins, Amy 22-Jun-2022
112023Cultural worldviews and the perception of natural hazard risk in AustraliaParsons, Melissa ; Lykins, Amy 22-Jun-2022
122023“A Love–Hate Relationship with What I Do”: Protecting the Mental Health of Animal Care WorkersPaul, Nicola K ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Lykins, Amy D 30-Mar-2023
1319-Jul-2022Why take the risk? Exploring the psychosocial determinants of floodwater drivingBenjamin, Shauntelle ; Parsons, Melissa ; Apthorp, Deborah ; Lykins, Amy D 26-Jul-2022
14Jul-2022What should we eat? Realistic solutions for reducing our food footprintAllenden, Nicole ; Hine, Donald W ; Craig, Belinda M ; Cowie, Annette ; McGreevy, Paul D ; Lykins, Amy D 22-Jun-2022
152022A Mixed-Methods Assessment of Human Well-Being Related to the Presence of Companion Animals During the COVID-19 PandemicBennett, Bindi; Cosh, Suzie ; Thepsourinthone, Jack; Lykins, Amy 22-Jun-2022
16202211.12 - Clinical Psychology Responses to the Climate CrisisDoherty, Thomas J; Lykins, Amy D ; Piotrowski, Nancy A; Rogers, Zoey; Sebree Jr, Derrick D; White, Kristi E27-Jun-2022
172022Acceptability and feasibility of telehealth as a training modality for trainee psychologist placements: a COVID-19 response studyCosh, Suzanne ; Rice, Kylie ; Bartik, Warren ; Jefferys, Amanda; Hone, Alice ; Murray, Clara ; Lykins, Amy D 27-Sep-2021
182-Dec-2021Exploring, Understanding and Enhancing Palm Oil-Related Pro-Environmental BehaviourSundaraja, Cassandra Shruti ; Lykins, Amy ; Thorsteinsson, Einar Baldvin 10-Jan-2024
1918-Aug-2021Palm oil: Understanding barriers to sustainable consumptionSundaraja, Cassandra Shruti ; Hine, Donald W ; Lykins, Amy D 7-Sep-2021
2012-Feb-2021Designing and Evaluating an Online Intervention for Australian Consumers: Encouraging the Purchase of Products with Sustainable Palm OilSundaraja, Cassandra ; Hine, Donald ; Thorsteinsson, Einar Baldvin ; Lykins, Amy 12-Feb-2021
213-Feb-2021Public Support for Renewable Energy: Do Values Matter?Phillips, Keri Louise ; Phillips, Wendy ; Lykins, Amy ; Hine, Donald 18-Dec-2023
222021Citizen science engagement: Lessons learned from the ClimateWatch "Scientist for a Day" programMorales, Pamela K; Roslan, Nadiah; Haas, Andrea; Lykins, Amy D 22-Jun-2022
232021Can Consumers Do It All? An Exploration of Factors that Influence the Purchase of Sustainable Palm Oil ProductsSundaraja, Cassandra Shruti ; Hine, Donald W ; Alex, Anoop ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Lykins, Amy D 24-Aug-2021
2421-Jun-2020Baby boomers' attitudes to maintaining sexual and intimate relationships in long-term careRahn, Alison; Jones, Tiffany; Bennett, Cary ; Lykins, Amy 17-Mar-2021
2521-Jun-2020Happily partnered older adults' relationship-enhancing behavioursRahn, Alison; Bennett, Cary ; Jones, Tiffany; Lykins, Amy 17-Mar-2021
268-Apr-2020To Vaccinate or Not: The Relative Impact of Attitudes toward Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Ability to Interpret Scientific Information on Vaccination DecisionsThorsteinsson, Einar B ; Draper, Anja; Lykins, Amy D 15-Apr-2020
27Feb-2020Do Bisexuals Have a Bisexual Viewing Pattern?Morandini, James S; Spence, Ben; Dar-Nimrod, Ilan; Lykins, Amy D 17-Mar-2021
28Jan-2020Confronting the palm oil crisis: Identifying behaviours for targeted interventionsSundaraja, Cassandra Shruti ; Hine, Donald William ; Lykins, Amy Dianne 31-Jul-2020
29Jan-2020Confronting the palm oil crisis: Identifying behaviours for targeted interventionsSundaraja, Cassandra Shruti ; Hine, Donald W ; Lykins, Amy 21-Nov-2019
302020Palm Oil: Understanding Barriers to Sustainable ConsumptionSundaraja, Cassandra Shruti ; Lykins, Amy Dianne ; Hine, Donald William28-Sep-2020
312020Can Consumers Do It All? A Qualitative Exploration of Factors that Influence the Purchase of Sustainable Palm Oil ProductsSundaraja, Cassandra Shruti ; Hine, Donald William ; Alex, Anoop; Lykins, Amy Dianne 30-Jan-2020
32Jul-2019Visual Attention to Sexual Stimuli in Mostly HeterosexualsMorandini, James S; Veldre, Aaron; Holcombe, Alex O; Hsu, Kevin; Lykins, Amy ; Bailey, J Michael; Dar‑Nimrod, Ilan17-Mar-2021
3327-Feb-2019Investigating Features of Hypersexuality and the "Sexhaviour Cycle of Hypersexuality" to Inform Clinical Research, Assessment, Treatment, and Common UnderstandingWalton, Michael; Bhullar, Navjot ; Cantos, James; Lykins, Amy 24-Jan-2024
342019Relationship Quality and Perceived Partner's Body Appreciation Is Related to Women's Own Body Appreciation and Sexual FunctioningWalters, Suzanne; Lykins, Amy D L ; Graham, Cynthia A17-Mar-2021
352019Effects of Short-Term Human-Horse Interactions on Human Heart Rate Variability: A Multiple Single Case StudyEcker, Saan; Lykins, Amy 17-Mar-2021
3627-Oct-2018Applying Behavioural Strategies to Promote Household Water-Conservation PracticesAddo, Isaac Bright; Thoms, Martin ; Parsons, Melissa ; Lykins, Amy 26-Jul-2019
372018Behind Closed Doors: Exploring Ways to Support Partnered Baby Boomers' Coupledom in Residential Aged Care SettingsRahn, Alison Ainslie ; Bennett, Cary ; Lykins, Amy ; Jones, Tiffany 1-Apr-2019
38Nov-2017Couples' Privacy in Residential Aged CareRahn, Alison ; Bennett, Cary ; Jones, Tiffany ; Lykins, Amy 13-Mar-2019
39Sep-2017Cultural Worldviews and Natural Hazard Risk Perception: A Pilot Study of Australian AdultsParsons, Melissa ; Lykins, Amy 31-May-2019
402017Leg Length Versus Torso Length in Pedophilia: Further Evidence of Atypical Physical Development Early in LifeFazio, Rachel L; Dyshniku, Fiona; Lykins, Amy ; Cantor, James M15-Jul-2017
412017An Online Assessment of Personality, Psychological, and Sexuality Trait Variables Associated with Self-Reported Hypersexual BehaviorWalton, Michael T; Cantor, James M; Lykins, Amy 17-May-2017
422017Response to Commentaries: Recognizing Hypersexuality as a Psychosexual Behavioral Problem and Advancing the Sexhavior Cycle of HypersexualityWalton, Michael T; Cantor, James M ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Lykins, Amy D 18-Jan-2018
432017Hypersexuality: A Critical Review and Introduction to the 'Sexhavior Cycle'Walton, Michael T; Cantor, James M; Bhullar, Navjot ; Lykins, Amy 10-Jan-2018
442016Beyond Heterosexual, Bisexual, and Homosexual: A Diversity in Sexual Identity ExpressionWalton, Michael T; Lykins, Amy ; Bhullar, Navjot 24-Aug-2016
452016Bridging the gap: The effect of gender normativity on differences in empathy and emotional intelligenceClarke, Michael J; Marks, Anthony ; Lykins, Amy 7-Sep-2016
462016Conflicting Agendas: The Politics of Sex in Aged CareRahn, Alison ; Jones, Tiffany ; Bennett, Cary ; Lykins, Amy 10-Apr-2017
472016Sexual Arousal and Sexual Activity Frequency: Implications for Understanding HypersexualityWalton, Michael T; Lykins, Amy ; Bhullar, Navjot 7-Apr-2016
482016Identifying Key Pathways into Sexual Offending for Juvenile Offenders and Exploring Possible Differences for the Aboriginal CommunityGathercole, Michael ; Lykins, Amy ; Dunstan, Debra 11-Aug-2016
49Dec-2015Putative Androgen Exposure and Sexual Orientation: Cross-Cultural Evidence Suggesting a Modified Neurohormonal TheoryEllis, Lee ; Lykins, Amy ; Hoskin, Anthony; Ratnasingam, Malini15-Jan-2024
5010-Jan-2015Sexuality, Romance and RelationshipsJones, Tiffany ; del Pozo de Bolger, Andrea ; Dune, Tinashe ; Lykins, Amy ; Hawkes, Gail 23-Apr-2024

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