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16-May-2020Ecological, biophysical and animal production responses to strategic-rest grazing in Australia and worldwideLawrence, Rachel ; Rader, Romina ; Reid, Nick ; Whalley, Wal 9-Mar-2021
230-Oct-2019Ecological, biophysical and animal production responses to strategic-rest grazing in Australia and worldwideLawrence, Rachel ; Rader, Romina ; Whalley, Ralph ; McDonald, Sarah ; Kendall, Liam K ; Reid, Nicholas 9-Mar-2021
314-Apr-2018Implications of grazing management systems incorporating planned rest for biodiversity conservation and landscape function in rangelandsMcDonald, Sarah ; Reid, Nick ; Rader, Romina ; Hunter, John ; Smith, Rhiannon ; Waters, Cathleen ; Tongway, David 11-May-2020
42013Tree Cover Extraction from 50 cm Worldview2 Imagery: A Comparison of Image Processing TechniquesVerma, Niva ; Lamb, David ; Reid, Nick ; Wilson, Brian 12-Mar-2014
52010Sustainable Livestock ProductionGardiner, Bruce; Reid, Nicholas 26-May-2011
62009Sheep grazing reduces 'Hieracium pilosella' floweringNorton, David A; Reid, Nicholas 18-Dec-2009
72009Invasive native scrub and soil condition in semi-arid south-eastern AustraliaTighe, Matthew ; Reid, Nicholas ; Wilson, Brian ; Briggs, Sue V3-Feb-2010
82009Contrasting research approaches to managing mistletoes in commercial forests and wooded pasturesReid, Nicholas ; Shamoun, Simon F9-Mar-2010
92007Experimental Manipulation of Restoration Barriers in Abandoned Eucalypt PlantationsCummings, Jason; Reid, Nicholas ; Davies, Ian; Grant, Carl27-Nov-2009
102006Pastures on New England wool propertiesReid, Nick ; Reseigh, Jodie; Fittler, Jim17-Oct-2011
112006Land, Water & Wool - Appreciating Biodiversity in New England: 2007 CalendarReid, Nick ; Taylor, Jon; Taylor, Micheal; Lytton-Hitchins, Peter25-Oct-2011
122006How to Lift Wool Profits and Improve Biodiversity!Reid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
132005Adaptive restoration of sand-mined areas for biological conservationCummings, J; Reid, N ; Davies, I; Grant, C23-May-2008

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