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12021Monitoring of land use/land-cover dynamics using remote sensing: a case of Tana River Basin, KenyaLangat, Philip Kibet ; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard ; Ghosh, Manoj Kumer23-Dec-2020
22021Analysis of spatio-temporal dynamics of land use and cover changes in Western KenyaKogo, Benjamin Kipkemboi; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard 3-Feb-2021
3Nov-2020Environmental sustainability with remote sensing in AfricaMutanga, Onisimo; Abdel-Rahman, Elfaith Mohamed; Kumar, Lalit ; Weng, Qihao4-Feb-2021
415-Oct-2019Digital soil mapping algorithms and covariates for soil organic carbon mapping and their implications: A reviewLamichhane, Sushil; Kumar, Lalit ; Wilson, Brian 19-Jan-2021
51-Aug-2019The Depths of Cast ShadowCameron, Mark; Kumar, Lalit 22-Dec-2020
619-Jul-2019Invasive Plants Distribution Modeling: A Tool for Tropical Biodiversity Conservation With Special Reference to Sri LankaKariyawasam, Champika S; Kumar, Lalit ; Ratnayake, Sujith S 14-Jan-2021
75-Jun-2019Invasive Plant Species Establishment and Range Dynamics in Sri Lanka under Climate ChangeKariyawasam, Champika S; Kumar, Lalit ; Ratnayake, Sujith S 2-Feb-2021
8Jun-2019The Impact of Road Networks on Crime Rates in Saudi ArabiaAlgahtany, Mofza; Kumar, Lalit ; Barclay, Elaine 13-Jan-2021
97-May-2019Estimation of Sediment Yield and Maximum Outflow Using the IntErO Model in the Sarada River Basin of NepalChalise, Devraj; Kumar, Lalit ; Spalevic, Velibor; Skataric, Goran19-Jan-2021
1027-Apr-2019Hydro-Climatic Variability: A Characterisation and Trend Study of the Awash River Basin, EthiopiaTadese, Mahtsente Tibebe; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard; Zemadim, Birhanu21-Jan-2021
119-Apr-2019Identification of the Most Suitable Probability Distribution Models for Maximum, Minimum, and Mean StreamflowLangat, Philip ; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard 26-Jan-2021
12Apr-2019Forest cover dynamics and underlying driving forces affecting ecosystem services in western KenyaKogo, Benjamin Kipkemboi; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard 4-Feb-2021
131-Mar-2019Google Earth Engine ApplicationsMutanga, Onisimo; Kumar, Lalit 4-Feb-2021
1415-Feb-2019Soil erodibility and its prediction in semi-arid regionsOstovari, Yaser; Ghorbani-Dashtaki, Shoja; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 2-Feb-2021
1520-Dec-2018Detecting Dubas bug infestations using high resolution multispectral satellite data in OmanAl Shidi, Rashid H; Kumar, Lalit ; Al-Khatri, Salim A H2-Feb-2021
1626-Nov-2018Mapping Long Term Changes in Mangrove Cover and Predictions of Future Change Under Different Climate Change Scenarios in the Sundarbans, BangladeshGhosh, Manoj Kumer; Kumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant 25-Mar-2021
1726-Oct-2018Global geographic distribution of Tuta absoluta as affected by climate changeSantana, P A Jr; Kumar, L ; Da Silva, R S; Picanço, M C4-Feb-2021
18Oct-2018Mapping tidal channel dynamics in the Sundarbans, Bangladesh, between 1974 and 2017, and implications for the sustainability of the Sundarbans mangrove forestGhosh, Manoj Kumer; Kumar, Lalit ; Langat, Philip Kibet 23-Dec-2020
1920-Sep-2018Google Earth Engine Applications Since Inception: Usage, Trends, and PotentialKumar, Lalit ; Mutanga, Onisimo15-Jan-2021
204-Sep-2018Understanding water and land use within Tana and Athi River Basins in Kenya: opportunities for improvementKibet Langat, Philip ; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard 4-Feb-2021
2114-Aug-2018Investigating landslide triggering rainfall and susceptibility modelling in northern PhilippinesJavier, Dymphna; Kumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant 29-Jul-2019
2227-Jul-2018Diffuse Skylight as a Surrogate for Shadow Detection in High-Resolution Imagery Acquired Under Clear Sky ConditionsCameron, Mark; Kumar, Lalit 22-Dec-2020
232017Review of native vegetation condition assessment concepts, methods and future trendsTehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Kumar, Lalit ; Drielsma, Michael 24-May-2018
242016Rank-Based Methods for Selection of Landscape Metrics for Land Cover Pattern Change DetectionSinha, Priyakant ; Kumar, Lalit ; Reid, Nick 18-Feb-2016
252016Remote Sensing Derived Fire Frequency, Soil Moisture and Ecosystem Productivity Explain Regional Movements in Emu over AustraliaMadani, Nima; Kimball, John S; Nazeri, Mona; Kumar, Lalit ; Affleck, David L R18-Feb-2016
262016Mapping Long-Term Changes in Mangrove Species Composition and Distribution in the SundarbansGhosh, Manoj K; Kumar, Lalit ; Roy, Chandan6-Jan-2017
272016Tourism and wetland conservation: application of travel cost and willingness to pay an entry fee at Ghodaghodi Lake Complex, NepalLamsal, Pramod; Atreya, Kishor; Pant, Krishna Prasad; Kumar, Lalit 12-Oct-2016
282016Habitat selection by a despotic passerine, the Bell Miner ('Manorina melanophrys'): When restoring habitat through Lantana ('Lantana camara') removal is not enoughLambert, Kathryn ; Kumar, Lalit ; Reid, Nick ; McDonald, Paul 10-Feb-2016
292015Should species distribution models use only native or exotic records of existence or both?Shabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit 15-Apr-2016
302015Ecological research in Australia: Identifying links 'versus' gaps between hotspots of ecological research and biodiversityKumar, Lalit ; Khormi, Hassan ; Leis, Katrina; Taylor, Subhashni 23-Jul-2015
312015Using object-based hierarchical classification to extract land use land cover classes from high resolution satellite imagery in a complex urban areaGholoobi, Mohsen; Kumar, Lalit 17-Jun-2015
322015A Novel Adaptive Compression Technique for Dealing with Corrupt Bands and High Levels of Band Correlations in Hyperspectral Images Based on Binary Hybrid GA-PSO for Big Data CompressionNahavandy, Shaghayegh; Ghamisi, Pedram; Kumar, Lalit ; Couceiro, Michael19-Jun-2015
332015Sustainable livelihoods through conservation of wetland resources: a case of economic benefits from Ghodaghodi Lake, western NepalLamsal, Pramod; Pant, Krishna Prasad; Kumar, Lalit ; Atreya, Kishor19-Jun-2015
342014Identifying curvature of overpass mountain roads in Iran from high spatial resolution remote sensing dataAlian, Sahar; Tolpekin, Valentyn A; Bijker, Wietske; Kumar, Lalit 28-Apr-2014
352014Improving image classification in a complex wetland ecosystem through image fusion techniquesKumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant ; Taylor, Subhashni 9-Sep-2014
362014Airborne LiDAR derived canopy height model reveals a significant difference in radiata pine ('Pinus radiata' D. Don) heights based on slope and aspect of sites.Saremi, Hanieh; Kumar, Lalit ; Turner, Russell; Stone, Christine15-Sep-2014
372014Sub-Compartment Variation in Tree Height, Stem Diameter and Stocking in a 'Pinus radiata' D. Don Plantation Examined Using Airborne LiDAR DataSaremi, Hanieh ; Kumar, Lalit ; Stone, Christine; Melville, Gavin; Turner, Russell22-Sep-2014
382014Vegetation, terrain and fire history shape the impact of extreme weather on fire severity and ecosystem responseClarke, Peter J ; Knox, Kirsten J ; Bradstock, Ross A; Munoz-Robles, Carlos; Kumar, Lalit 9-Sep-2014
392014Land Use and Land Cover Change Detection in the Saudi Arabian Desert Cities of Makkah and Al-Taif Using Satellite DataAlqurashi, Abdullah; Kumar, Lalit 30-Apr-2015
402014Mapping hotspots of underground water quality based on the variation of chemical concentration in Amman, Zarqa and Balqa regions, JordanAlqadi, Khaled A; Kumar, Lalit ; Khormi, Hassan 12-Mar-2014
412014Modelling the potential distribution of the Malayan sun bear in Krau wildlife reserve, MalaysiaNazeri, Mona; Kumar, Lalit ; Jusoff, Kamaruzaman; Bahaman, Abdul31-Mar-2014
422013Landscape of ecological research in Australia: A bibliometric analysis of trends in research output and hotspots of research from 1991 to 2010Kumar, Lalit ; Khormi, Hassan 26-Jul-2013
432013Markov Land Cover Change Modeling Using Pairs of Time-Series Satellite ImagesSinha, Priyakant ; Kumar, Lalit 23-Dec-2013
442013Fine-Scale Three-Dimensional Habitat Mapping as a Biodiversity Conservation Tool for Intertidal Rocky ReefsThorner, Jaqueline; Kumar, Lalit ; Smith, Stephen David Anthony23-Dec-2013

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