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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12-Oct-2020GIS-based geomorphometric analysis for potential applications in reversing land and biosystem degradationLangat, Philip Kibet ; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard 23-Dec-2020
2Sep-2020Invasive weed species' threats to global biodiversity: Future scenarios of changes in the number of invasive species in a changing climateShabani, Farzin ; Ahmadi, Mohsen; Kumar, Lalit ; Solhjouy-fard, Samaneh; Tehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Shabani, Fariborz; Kalantar, Bahareh; Esmaeili, Atefeh 27-Jan-2021
3Sep-2020Long-Term Variability in Potential Evapotranspiration, Water Availability and Drought under Climate Change Scenarios in the Awash River Basin, EthiopiaTadese, Mahtsente; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard19-Jan-2021
4Aug-2020Mapping of land-use/land-cover changes and its dynamics in Awash River Basin using remote sensing and GISTadese, Mahtsente; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard; Kogo, Benjamin K19-Jan-2021
525-May-2020Consequences of Climate Change Impacts and Incidences of Extreme Weather Events in Relation to Crop Production in BhutanChhogyel, Ngawang; Kumar, Lalit ; Bajgai, Yadunath4-Feb-2021
615-Apr-2020Land use change affects water erosion in the Nepal HimalayasChalise, Devraj; Kumar, Lalit 4-Feb-2021
71-Apr-2020Potential Risks of Plant Invasions in Protected Areas of Sri Lanka under Climate Change with Special Reference to Threatened VertebratesKariyawasam, Champika S; Kumar, Lalit ; Ratnayake, Sujith S 4-Feb-2021
8Apr-2020Spatio-temporal landscape changes and the impacts of climate change in mountainous Bhutan: A case of Punatsang Chhu BasinChhogyel, Ngawang; Kumar, Lalit ; Bajgai, Yadunath4-Feb-2021
930-Mar-2020Relationship between Environmental Covariates and Ceylon Tea Cultivation in Sri LankaJayasinghe, Sadeeka Layomi; Kumar, Lalit ; Hasan, Md Kamrul4-Feb-2021
10Mar-2020Characterisation of channel morphological pattern changes and flood corridor dynamics of the tropical Tana River fluvial systems, KenyaLangat, Philip Kibet; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard ; Ghosh, Manoj Kumer4-Feb-2021
112019Monitoring Mangrove forest landcover changes in the coastline of Bangladesh from 1976 to 2015Islam, Md Monirul; Borgqvist, Helena; Kumar, Lalit 21-Dec-2020
122019Evaluating the application of the statistical index method in flood susceptibility mapping and its comparison with frequency ratio and logistic regression methodsTehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Kumar, Lalit ; Jebur, Mustafa Neamah; Shabani, Farzin 22-Dec-2020
1312-Oct-2018Monitoring river channel dynamics using remote sensing and GIS techniquesKibet Langat, Philip ; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard 4-Feb-2021
14Jul-2018The application of a Dempster–Shafer-based evidential belief function in flood susceptibility mapping and comparison with frequency ratio and logistic regression methodsTehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Kumar, Lalit 21-Dec-2020
1522-May-2018Mapping Long Term Changes in Mangrove Cover and Predictions of Future Change under Different Climate Change Scenarios in the Sundarbans, BangladeshGhosh, Manoj Kumer; Kumar, Lalit 22-May-2018
162018Assessing Accuracy Methods of Species Distribution Models: AUC, Specificity, Sensitivity and the True Skill StatisticKumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Ahmadi, Mohsen4-Feb-2021
172017Review of native vegetation condition assessment concepts, methods and future trendsTehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Kumar, Lalit ; Drielsma, Michael 24-May-2018
182017Estimating Biomass of Native Grass Grown under Complex Management Treatments Using WorldView-3 Spectral DerivativesSibanda, Mbulisi; Mutanga, Onisimo; Rouget, Mathieu; Kumar, Lalit 12-Mar-2017
192017Climate Variability and Mangrove Cover Dynamics at Species Level in the Sundarbans, BangladeshGhosh, Manoj K; Kumar, Lalit ; Roy, Chandan19-May-2017
202017Historical evidence of climatic variability and changes, and its effect on high-altitude regions: insights from Rara and Langtang, NepalLamsal, Pramod; Kumar, Lalit ; Atreya, Kishor27-Sep-2017
212017Global alterations in areas of suitability for maize production from climate change and using a mechanistic species distribution model (CLIMEX)Ramirez Cabral, Nadiezhda Yakovleva Zitz; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 19-Oct-2017
222017Are research efforts on Animalia in the South Pacific associated with the conservation status or population trends?Shabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Ahmadi, Mohsen; Esmaeili, Atefeh 19-Oct-2017
232017Remote Sensing of Above-Ground BiomassKumar, Lalit ; Mutanga, Onisimo30-Nov-2017
242017Global risk levels for corn rusts ('Puccinia sorghi' and 'Puccinia polysora') under climate change projectionsRamirez Cabral, Nadiezhda Yakovleva Zitz; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 9-Jan-2018
252016Rank-Based Methods for Selection of Landscape Metrics for Land Cover Pattern Change DetectionSinha, Priyakant ; Kumar, Lalit ; Reid, Nick 18-Feb-2016
262016Remote Sensing Derived Fire Frequency, Soil Moisture and Ecosystem Productivity Explain Regional Movements in Emu over AustraliaMadani, Nima; Kimball, John S; Nazeri, Mona; Kumar, Lalit ; Affleck, David L R18-Feb-2016
272016Assessing collaborative, privately managed biodiversity conservation derived from an offsets program: Lessons from the Southern Mallee of New South Wales, AustraliaDrielsma, Michael ; Foster, Else; Ellis, Murray; Gill, Roderic A; Prior, Julian C ; Kumar, Lalit ; Saremi, Hanieh ; Ferrier, Simon26-Sep-2016
282016Mapping Long-Term Changes in Mangrove Species Composition and Distribution in the SundarbansGhosh, Manoj K; Kumar, Lalit ; Roy, Chandan6-Jan-2017
292016High Altitude Wetlands of NepalKumar, Lalit ; Lamsal, Pramod14-Feb-2017
302016A comparison of absolute performance of different correlative and mechanistic species distribution models in an independent areaShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Ahmadi, Mohsen12-Oct-2016
312016Global View of Remote Sensing of Rangelands: Evolution, Applications, Future PathwaysReeves, Matthew C; Washington-Allen, Robert; Angerer, Jay; Hunt, E Raymond; Kulawardhana, Ranjani Wasantha; Kumar, Lalit ; Loboda, Tatiana; Loveland, Thomas; Metternicht, Graciela; Ramsey, R Douglas10-Feb-2016
322016Characterization, Mapping, and Monitoring of Rangelands: Methods and ApproachesKumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant ; Brown, Jesslyn F; Ramsey, R Douglas; Rigge, Matthew; Stam, Carson A; Hernandez, Alexander J; Hunt, E Raymond; Reeves, Matthew C10-Feb-2016
332016Remote Sensing of Rangeland BiodiversityHunt, E Raymond; Wang, Cuizhen; Booth, D Terrance; Cox, Samuel E; Kumar, Lalit ; Reeves, Matthew C10-Feb-2016
342015An analysis of willingness to pay for community-based conservation activities at the Ghodaghodi Lake Complex, NepalLamsal, Pramod; Atreya, Kishor; Pant, Krishna P; Kumar, Lalit 1-Apr-2016
352015Should species distribution models use only native or exotic records of existence or both?Shabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit 15-Apr-2016
362015Special Section Guest Editorial: Advances in Remote Sensing for Renewable Energy Development: Challenges and PerspectivesZhou, Yuyu; Kumar, Lalit ; Mabee, Warren11-Jan-2017
372015A geo-statistical approach to model Asiatic cheetah, onager, gazelle and wild sheep shared niche and distribution in Turan biosphere reserve-IranNazeri, Mona; Madani, Nima; Kumar, Lalit ; Mahiny, Abdolrassoul Salman; Kiabi, Bahram H15-Jul-2015
382015Ecological research in Australia: Identifying links 'versus' gaps between hotspots of ecological research and biodiversityKumar, Lalit ; Khormi, Hassan ; Leis, Katrina; Taylor, Subhashni 23-Jul-2015
392015A Novel Adaptive Compression Technique for Dealing with Corrupt Bands and High Levels of Band Correlations in Hyperspectral Images Based on Binary Hybrid GA-PSO for Big Data CompressionNahavandy, Shaghayegh; Ghamisi, Pedram; Kumar, Lalit ; Couceiro, Michael19-Jun-2015
402015Review of the use of remote sensing for biomass estimation to support renewable energy generationKumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant ; Taylor, Subhashni ; Alqurashi, Abdullah23-Jun-2015
412014Sensitivity Analysis of CLIMEX Parameters in Modeling Potential Distribution of 'Phoenix dactylifera' L.Shabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit 2-May-2014
422014Time-series effective habitat area (EHA) modeling using cost-benefit raster based techniqueSinha, Priyakant ; Kumar, Lalit ; Drielsma, Michael ; Barrett, Tom 12-Mar-2014
432014Modelling the potential distribution of the Malayan sun bear in Krau wildlife reserve, MalaysiaNazeri, Mona; Kumar, Lalit ; Jusoff, Kamaruzaman; Bahaman, Abdul31-Mar-2014
442013A new method for compression of remote sensing images based on an enhanced differential pulse code modulation transformationGhamisi, Pedram; Sepehrband, Farshid; Kumar, Lalit ; Couceiro, Micael S; Martins, Fernando M L6-Mar-2014

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