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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Zai Laidun liulan Gao Luopei shoucang de Mingchu seqing duwu [Thoughts after leafing through van Gulik's collection of Chinese erotic novels in Leiden]Wu, Cuncun 14-Sep-2009
2012Zak Coronial Inquest and the Interpretation of Photographic EvidencePorter, Glenn 8-Aug-2019
2012Zeitabhängige genetische Effekte bei MilchkühenStrucken, Eva ; Bortfeldt, Ralf; Brockmann, Gudrun21-May-2018
2012Zeitabhängige genetische Effekte während der Laktation in Deutschen Holstein RindernStrucken, Eva ; Brockmann, Gudrun18-Jun-2018
2014Zelman Cowen (1919-2011): The man who changed the tone and style of the University of England foreverRyan, John S 24-Nov-2014
2013ZenobiaGarland, Lynda11-Jul-2013
2016The zero curvature equation for rigid CR-manifoldsEzhov, V; Schmalz, Gerd 7-Mar-2017
28-Feb-2019Zero forcing in iterated line digraphsFerrero, Daniela; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Stephen, Sudeep11-Mar-2019
2019The Zero Forcing Number of GraphsKalinowski, Thomas ; Kamcev, Nina; Sudakov, Benny4-Apr-2019
2003'Zhaojun's Dream' By Xue Dan: Translated by Mark Stevenson and Wu CuncunWu, Cuncun ; Stevenson, M10-Aug-2009
2017Ziggy Stardust and the Irrawaddy Dolphin: Prospects for a Transboundary Ecocriticism in Southeast AsiaRyan, John C 12-Mar-2018
1996Zimbabwe 'my whay'Stanley, David 24-Oct-2017
2005Zimbabwe's Postcolonial Language Policy Formulation Paradigms 1987-1998: another Recipe for the Marginalisation of Minority LanguagesNdhlovu, Finex 20-Nov-2013
2013Zimbabwe: From Education Reform to Political InstabilitySigauke, Aaron 17-Feb-2014
2006Zoe Porphyrogenita: (wife of Romanus III, Constantine IX, and Michael IV)Garland, Lynda8-Dec-2008
2013Zoo-illogical ExhibitionO'Sullivan, Jane21-Oct-2014
2008Zooplankton dynamics from inundation to drying in a complex ephemeral floodplain-wetlandJames, C S; Thoms, Martin ; Quinn, G P18-Jul-2011
2013Zucchero: Storie d'AustraliaAndreoni, Giovanni7-Apr-2014
2006Zulaykha: Temptress or True LoveTidswell, Toni25-May-2009
2007Želivskýs Head: Memory and New Martyrs Among the HussitesFudge, Thomas 19-Dec-2013