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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2005W(h)ither development geography in Australia?Rugendyke, BA 6-May-2008
2010(W)riting across and within: Providing a vehicle for sharing local nursing and midwifery projects and innovationParker, Vicki Therese ; Giles, Michelle; Parmenter, Glenda ; Paliadelis, Penelope S ; Turner, Catherine3-Jun-2011
2011WA to Tanzania: Broadening the horizons of nursingStanley, David 14-Sep-2017
May-2019The Wadi al-Hijr (Sultanate of Oman) in the third millennium BCCable, Charlotte ; Al-Jabri, Suleiman12-Apr-2019
2007The Waffen-SS and Other Revelations in Günter Grass's: 'Beim Häuten der Zwiebel'Beyersdorf, Herman Ernst23-Jul-2009
2004Wage Labour in Southeast Asia Since 1840: Globalization, the International Division of Labour and Labour TransformationsKaur, A 31-Jul-2008
2015Waishang Jiju Dui Waishang Zhijie Touzi Quwei Xuanze Yingxiang Yanjiu: Laizi Taiwan Diqu Dui Zhongguo Dalu Touzi De Jingyan ShujuXie, Meng-jun; Chen, George 3-Nov-2015
1-Oct-2018Waiting for Daddy: Rose's storyRogers, Margaret ; Fussell, Madeline 4-Feb-2019
2011Waking Forest and Animal Dance: for recorder quintet (various combinations of 2D, Tr, 5T, B, GB, CB)Thorn, Benjamin 20-Jan-2015
2017Waking the Dead: Discovering Jerome of Prague ... and his Beard!Fudge, Thomas 16-Aug-2018
2015A walk on the wild side at Quirindi PreschoolThompson, Alison; Frith, Charmiane; Elliott, Sue 28-Jan-2016
2015Walking alongside: a qualitative study of the experiences and perceptions of academic nurse mentors supporting early career nurse academicsJackson, Debra ; Peters, Kath; Andrew, Sharon; Daly, John; Gray, Joanne; Halcomb, Elizabeth6-May-2016
2007Walking behaviours from the 1965-2003 American Heritage Time Use Study (AUHTUS)Tudor-Locke, Catrine; van der Ploeg, Hidde P; Bowles, Heather R; Bittman, Michael ; Fisher, Kimberly; Merom, Dafna; Gershuny, Jonathan; Bauman, Adrian; Egerton, Muriel30-Mar-2010
2016Walking in Her Footsteps: Migration, Adaptation, and the Mother's Journey in 'Romulus, My Father'Hopgood, Fincina 21-Apr-2017
2012Walking in Sacred Spaces in the Therapeutic Bond: Therapists' Experiences of Compassion Satisfaction Coupled with the Potential for Vicarious TraumatizationHunter, Sally 9-Nov-2012
2011The Walking PoemsRyan, John Charles 24-Jan-2018
2014Walking the Fine Line Between Fieldwork Success and Failure: Advice for New EthnographersGill, Peter Richard; Temple, Elizabeth 24-Mar-2017
2016Walking the Thylacine: Records of Indigenous Companion Animals in Australian Narrative and Photographic HistoryPhilip, Justine Mary; Garden, Don24-May-2016
2011Walking the WaterwheelRyan, John Charles 1-Aug-2017
2004Walking to Different Beats: Good Practice and Innovation in Higher EducationYourn, Belinda ; Little, Shona6-Oct-2010