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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007T. C. Skeat, P64+67 and P4, and the Problem of Fibre Orientation in Codicological ReconstructionCharlesworth, Scott 
2010T.C. Skeat and the Problem of Fiber Orientation in Codicological ReconstructionCharlesworth, Scott 
2009The Taboo of Client Suicide: Silenced Therapist NarrativesClark, Jane Laura; Wilson, Annmaree Caroline; Kottler, Jeffrey
2005Tackling Multimodal News: Some Implications of Critical Analytical Research on the 'children overboard' AffairMacken-Horarik, Mary 
2011Tackling the Australian Local Infrastructure Backlog: The Case for a National Bond BankDollery, Brian E ; Kortt, Michael A ; Grant, Bligh 
2011Tackling the Engineering Challenge: Embedding Sustainability Principles in Engineering EducationGlencross-Grant, Rex ; Wilkes, Janelle 
2008Tackling the Failure of Microfinance Efforts Through Amalgamating Microfinance with Charity: Two Viable Alternatives in the Context of PakistanKhan, Ashfaq A 
2016Tackling toilet trainingSims, Margaret 
2012Tagasaste versus Golden Bamboo: Which do horses prefer?Triebe, Caroline; Van Den Berg, Mariette ; Brown, Wendy 
2005Tailings dam seepage at the rehabilitated Mary Kathleen uranium mine, AustraliaLottermoser, BG; Ashley, Paul 
2017Tailoring Africa's Education Systems to Fit Africa's Education Needs in the 21st CenturyKivunja, Charles 
2005Take 'em out of the equation: Student understandings of 'cancelling'Falle, Judith Louise
2014Take Action or Do Nothing: 'The Educational Dilemma of the Teacher'Boyle, Christopher ; Heimans, Stephen 
2002Takemitsu's biwade Ferranti, H 
2006Takes TwoJames, Wendy
2012Taking 'Shape' with health literacy: Understanding health literacy through the lens of the proposed Australian curriculumFreak, Annette ; Miller, Judith A ; Stratton, Elizabeth; Taylor, Neil 
2014Taking a de-binarised envirosocial approach to reconciling the environment vs economy debate: lessons from climate change litigation for planning in NSW, AustraliaBartel, Robyn ; McFarland, Paul ; Hearfield, Colin 
2010Taking a First Step: Epigenetic Health and ResponsibilityGesche, Astrid
2017Taking away David's sling: environmental justice and land-use conflict in extractive resource developmentKennedy, Amanda L ; Schafft, Kai A; Howard, Tanya 
2017Taking care of teenagers, taking care of me: Profiling parental caregiving burden and activity restriction in a sample of Australian parentsBhullar, Navjot ; Rickwood, Debra; Carter, Tegan; Haridas, Serena