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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2009S'N'2 Substitution Reactions at the Amide Nitrogen in the Anomeric Mutagens, 'N-Acyloxy-N-alkoxyamides'Cavanagh, Katie Lee; Glover, Stephen ; Price, Helen; Schumacher, Rhiannon Rose11-Mar-2010
2014S. Benesch, 'Considering Emotions in Critical English Language Teaching: Theories and Praxis' (New York and London, Routledge. 2012. pp. XII, 148).Zhang, Zuocheng ; Li, Yuxia6-Aug-2014
1994S.W. Silver & Co.'s Australian Grazier's Guide: I. Sheep & II. CattleBoldrewood, Rolf; Ryan, John S 14-Aug-2015
2008SAARC and Interstate Conflicts in South Asia: Prospects and Challenges for RegionalismAhmed, Zahid; Bhatnagar, S12-Sep-2011
1-Jan-2010Sabrina Urbinati, Les mécanismes de contrôle et de suivi des conventions internationales de protection de l’environnement, Milano, Giuffrè, 2009, pp. 387.Quirico, Ottavio 30-May-2019
2015'Sack the bastard!' - 'David Kent, (the now vilest man alive)'Kent, David 14-May-2015
2017Sacred and secret stories in professional knowledge landscapes: learner agency in teacher professional learningCharteris, Jennifer ; Smith, Jane12-Sep-2017
2016Sacred Ecology of Plants: The Vegetative Soul in the Botanical Poetry of Les MurrayRyan, John C 8-May-2017
2005The Sad History of Sandy Hollow and the Trains That Were Not Bound for GloryHaworth, Robert John3-Jun-2009
2006Sadness and joy: giving birth in ZimbabweStanley, David 6-Nov-2017
2005Safety considerations during pregnancy and lactationBone, Kerry21-Oct-2009
5-May-2015Safety of contaminated vitamins and nutritional supplements can’t be left to consumersvan de Ven, Katinka; Mulrooney, Kyle J D 30-May-2019
2017Safety, risk, and aggression: Health professionals’ experiences of caring for people affected by methamphetamine when presenting for emergency careUsher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra ; Woods, Cindy ; Sayers, Jan; Kornhaber, Rachel; Cleary, Michelle20-Dec-2017
2012Sagas, Suicides and Sequels: Narratives of the Family Experience of SuicideRatnarajah, Dorothy ; Minichiello, Victor ; Maple, Myfanwy 22-May-2012
2014Sailing-Trading Livelihoods in Southeastern Indonesia: Adapting to ChangeCarnegie, Michelle 28-Jun-2018
2008Saints, Sinners and Stupid Asses: The Place of Faith in Luther's Doctrine of SalvationFudge, Thomas 18-Oct-2012
2014SaleyardsIhde, Erin 7-Jan-2015
2016Salience Effects: L2 Sentence Production as a Window on L1 Speech PlanningAnton-Mendez, Ines ; Gerfen, Chip; Ramos, Miguel6-May-2016
Feb-2013Salinity of incubation media influences embryonic development of a freshwater turtleBower, Deborah S ; Hodges, Kate M; Georges, Arthur16-May-2019
Aug-2018Salinity tolerances and use of saline environments by freshwater turtles: implications of sea level riseAgha, Mickey; Ennen, Joshua R; Bower, Deborah S ; Nowakowski, A Justin; Sweat, Sarah C; Todd, Brian D2-May-2019