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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Q&A: Marsupials vs Placentals: Why is it beneficial for marsupials to have young in a pouch from a small size, as opposed to having them develop internally as eutherians (placental mammals) do?McAllan, Bronwyn Marie
2007QC analyses of SNP array data: Experiences from a large population of dairy sires with 23.8 million data pointsZenger, K R; Khatkar, M S; Tier, Bruce ; Hobbs, M; Cavanagh, J A L; Solkner, J; Hawken, R J; Barris, W; Raadsma, H W
2009Qing huapu liuxing zhuangkuangWu, Cuncun 
2014qPCR Detection of Infectious Laryingotracheitis Virus in Tissues, Faeces, Dust and Litter Post InfectionRoy, Parimal; Islam, A Fakhrul ; Burgess, Susan ; Walkden-Brown, Steve W 
2011QTL and gene expression analyses identify genes affecting carcass weight and marbling on BTA14 in Hanwoo (Korean Cattle)Lee, Seung Hwan; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Kim, Nam Kuk; Lee, Sanghong ; Gondro, Cedric ; Park, Eung Woo; Oh, Sung Jong; Gibson, John P ; Thompson, John M 
2009QTL mapping for feed conversion efficiency on porcine chromosome 10 in an Australian commercial populationChen, Y; Zhang, Yuandan ; Moran, C; MacLeod, I; Kerr, R; Bunter, Kim L ; Hayes, B; Tier, Bruce ; Graser, Hans ; Luxford, B G; Goddard, M E
2009QTL mapping in multiple families using logistic regressionZhang, Yuandan ; Tier, Bruce 
2005QTL mapping using logistic regressionZhang, Yuandan ; Tier, Bruce 
2003Quail eggs, modelling clay eggs, imprints and small mammals in an Australian woodlandFulton, Graham R.; Ford, Hugh Alastair 
2011Qualap BellRyan, John Charles 
2009Qualitative Analyses of a Fundamental Motor Skill Across the Lifespan: Linking Practice and TheoryHaynes, John Ewen; Pegg, John ; Miller, Judith 
2014Qualitative Analysis of a Cooperative Reaction-Diffusion System in a Spatiotemporally Degenerate EnvironmentAlvarez-Caudevilla, Pablo; Du, Yihong ; Peng, Rui
2008A Qualitative Approach to E-Services System DevelopmentSandhu, Kamaljeet 
2012Qualitative Behavioural Assessment of Angus steers during pre-slaughter handling and relationship with temperament and physiological responsesStockman, Catherine A; McGilchrist, Peter; Fleming, Patricia A; Collins, Teresa; Barnes, Anne L; Miller, David; Wickham, Sarah L; Greenwood, Paul; Cafe, Linda ; Blache, Dominique; Wemelsfelder, Francoise
2013Qualitative Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Using Leximancer Digital SoftwareKivunja, Charles 
2016A qualitative exploration of parental experiences of stigma while living with HIV in BangladeshIslam, Md Shahidul ; Scott, John ; Minichiello, Victor 
2012Qualitative interviews of pharmacy interns: determining curricular preparedness for work lifeStupans, Ieva 
2010Qualitative Journeys: Student and Mentor Experiences With ResearchMinichiello, Victor ; Kottler, Jeffrey
2005A qualitative process evaluation of an oral health promotion program for older migrant adultsMarino, Rodrigo A; Wright, Clive; Minichiello, Victor ; Schofield, Margot Jocelyn ; Calache, Hanny
2007Qualitative research in counseling: A reflection for novice counselor researchersBowers, Randolph; Minichiello, Victor ; Plummer, David