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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2014"O Cursed Judas": Formal Heresy Accusations Against Jan HusFudge, Thomas 5-May-2015
2014O Life: Review of 'Dare me! The life and work of Gerald Glaskin' by John Burbidge: Monash University Publishing, $34.95 pb, 349 pp, 9781921867743Fisher, Jeremy 5-Sep-2014
2009Obama, Rudd and a grammar for rhetoric in the National English CurriculumLove, Kristina; Macken-Horarik, Mary 23-Apr-2010
2016Obedience to Superior Orders and Related DefencesCormier, Monique ; Finnin, Sarah2-Jul-2018
2009Obituary: Carmen Blacker (1924 - 2009)Ryan, John S 5-Nov-2015
2009Obituary: Epeli Hau'ofa (1939-2009)Ryan, John S 9-Jun-2011
1991Obituary: Herbert Walter Piper, B.A., D.Litt. (Adelaide), M.A. (Oxon.), Hon. D.Litt. (Macquarie).Ryan, John S 29-Jul-2015
2010Obituary: Patricia Wrightson (1921-2010): Australian Synthesiser of Settler and Indigenous LoreHawkins, Julie 20-Oct-2011
2015Obituary: Philip Andrew Black: 1947-2015Dollery, Brian E 9-May-2016
1992Obituary: Roland RobinsonRyan, John S 29-Jul-2015
2009Obituary: Zane Spindler (1941-2008)Dollery, Brian E 10-Mar-2010
2005Object and Access Evolution in JarrahEvered, MP 26-Sep-2008
2001Object Attraction in Subject-Verb Agreement ConstructionHartsuiker, Robert; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; van Zee, Marijke2-Feb-2010
2005Object-oriented Access Control in JarrahEvered, MP 13-May-2008
2010'Objectionable Ornaments and Decorations': Ritual and Riot at St George-in-the-East, London, 1859-1860Kent, David 10-Jun-2010
2008Objective biomass assessment using an active plant sensor (Crop Circle™) - preliminary experiences on a variety of agricultural landscapesTrotter, Tieneke ; Frazier, Paul ; Trotter, Mark ; Lamb, David 16-May-2012
2001Objective Measurement of Paranormal Belief: A Rebuttal to VitulliLange, Rense; Irwin, Harvey Jon; Houran, James12-Oct-2012
2006Objective Measurement Using Pictorial DataHaynes, JE 25-Sep-2008
2010Objective selection of surrogate families to describe reef fish assemblages in a subtropical marine parkMalcolm, Hamish; Smith, Stephen D10-May-2011
2015The Objects of Nostalgia: Embedded Historical NarrativesNye, Adele 22-Sep-2015