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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The 'N' word: Australian particularism, taxonomies of development and epistemologyArgent, Neil 
2009'N'-Heteroatom-substituted hydroxamic estersGlover, Stephen 
2004N,N'-Bis(2-methoxybenzylidene) adducts of ethane-1,2-diamine, propane-1,3-diamine and butane-1,4-diamine.Reglinski, John; Taylor, Michelle K ; Kennedy, Alan R
2004[N,N'-bis-(o-sulfidobenzylidene)-1,3-diaminopropane]nickel(II) 1,4-dioxane solvateTaylor, Michelle K ; Reglinski, John; Wallace, Dawn
2007N-Acyloxy-N-alkoxyamides - structure, properties, reactivity and biological activityGlover, Stephen 
2013The N.C.W. Beadle Herbarium database: an e-research tool available for wider useBoshoff, Johan; Bruhl, Jeremy J 
2007n^k-BagsChakrabarty, Kankana ; Despi, Ioan
2011Na Passive and na- Associative in Abma: Shared Properties; Shared Origin?Schneider, Cynthia 
2010Nacurrie 1: Mark of ancient Java, or a caring mother's hands, in terminal Pleistocene Australia?Brown, Peter J
2013Nada bwihil nii: Ol pijin blong yumi (Sentrol Pentikos)Schneider, Cindy 
2013Nada ik nii: Ol samting blong solwota long ples blong yumi (Sentrol Pentikos)Schneider, Cindy 
2013Nada ruruwan nii: Ol wud blong yumi (Sentrol Pentikos)Schneider, Cindy 
2012'The Name Blossomed': Landscapes, Habitats and the Botanical Poetry of South-West AustraliaRyan, John C 
1996The named nurse in the coronary care settingIngham-Broomfield, Becky 
2015A Nameless IslandNash, Joshua 
1986The Nameless Wood: Victorian Fantasists - Their Achievement, Their Influence: Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference of the Inner Ring: The Mythopoeic Literature Society of Australia, 1986Ryan, John S 
1993NamesRyan, John S 
2016Names hurt more than sticks and stonesSims, Margaret 
2014Namibian pre-service science teachers' perspectives on environmental issuesKasanda, Choshi; Zealand, Donovan; Taylor, Neil 
2014Naming places: on and around Kangaroo IslandNash, Joshua