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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1999M. D. Mackie: A Passionate IntellectPower, Kerith Megan; Davies, Susan20-Dec-2010
2013Machinima for immersive and authentic learning in higher educationGregory, Brent ; Gregory, Sue ; Gregory, Myee9-Jan-2014
2006The Macquarie Word Genius Reference LibraryKupczyk-Romanczuk, G31-Jul-2008
2008Macrina the Younger, Philosopher of GodSilvas, Anna Margaret 11-Aug-2009
2010Macro and Micro Thematic Categories Hindering Customer Adoption of Internet Banking in Australian ContextAdapa, Sujana 6-Jun-2011
2010Macro-level Corporate Governance and FDI: Cross-sectional International EvidenceFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba R 29-Jun-2011
2012Macroeconomic consequences of increased productivity in less developed economiesAli, Syed Zahid; Anwar, Sajid; Valadkhani, Abbas 16-Oct-2013
1997Macroeconomic effects of foreign aid in the MIRAB economies of the South PacificLaplagne, Patrick; Treadgold, Malcolm; Baldry, Jonathan; Harris, Geoff8-Nov-2010
2014Macroeconomic Prosperity and Social Inclusion: From Long-Run History to the Shock of May 2014Lloyd, Christopher ; Ramsay, Tony 15-Jan-2015
2006The macroinvertebrate fauna of an Australian dryland river: spatial and temporal patterns and environmental relationshipsMarshall, J C; Sheldon, F; Thoms, Martin ; Choy, S19-Jul-2011
2009Macromolecular Compounds Having Controlled StoichiometryKrippner, Guy Yeoman; Lichti, Gottfried; Kaminskas, Lisa Michelle; Rendle, Phillip Martin; Greatrex, Ben ; Razzino, Pasquale; Kelly, Brian Devlin; Pallich, Susanne; Henderson, Scott Andrew; Scheppokat, Angela Michelle; Williams, Charlotte Claire; Porter, Christopher John Hamilton; Boyd, Benjamin James6-May-2014
2005Macrophages overexpressing tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase show altered profile of free radical production and enhanced capacity of bacterial killingRaisanen, SR; Alatalo, SL; Ylipahkala, H; Halleen, JM; Cassady, Alan ; Hume, DA; Vaananen, HK15-Jul-2011
2011Macrophonics for Brisbane FestivalHewitt, Donna ; Knowles, Julian2-Feb-2018
2014Mad Men in Bib Overalls: Media's Horrification and Pornification of Rural CultureDeKeseredy, Walter S; Muzzatti, Stephen L; Donnermeyer, Joseph F 21-Apr-2017
2003Madeleine et Andre Gide: l'histoire d'une double influenceHutchinson, Joyce Hilary10-Aug-2009
2008Madness and MysticismNorris, Stephen John; Gray, Frances; Lynch, Anthony 16-Oct-2009
2009Madrasa education in the Pakistani context: challenges, reforms and future directionsAhmed, Zahid19-Apr-2010
2012Mafic and ultramafic rocks, and platinum mineralisation potential, in the Longwood Range, Southland, New ZealandAshley, Paul ; Craw, D; Mackenzie, D; Rombouts, M; Reay, A4-May-2012
2007Magendie, FrançoisAlbury, William R 17-Jun-2010
2011Magic and Property: The Legal Context of Apuleius' 'Apologia'Taylor, Tristan 3-Feb-2012