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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007¹H and ¹³C NMR assignments for the sesquiterpene aldehydes, lepidozenal and isobicyclogermacrenal, from 'Eucalyptus dawsonii'Tucker, David ; Southwell, IA; Lowe, RF; Russell, MF; Brereton, IM20-May-2009
2001H.V. Evatt, Australia and Ireland's departure from the Commonwealth: a reassessmentBongiorno, FR28-Jul-2008
2011Habitat characteristics may override climatic influences on ant assemblage composition: a study using a 300-km climatic gradientYates, Michelle; Gibb, Heloise ; Andrew, Nigel R 12-Jun-2012
2011Habitat Correlates of the Red Panda in the Temperate Forests of BhutanDorji, Sangay; Vernes, Karl A ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan 9-Nov-2011
2010The habitat distribution and population size of the Black-necked Stork 'Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus australis' in New South WalesClancy, Greg P; Ardren, Mick24-May-2011
2015Habitat features of open forests and woodlands in relation to disturbance by fireCroft, Peter; Hunter, John ; Reid, Nick30-Mar-2015
2002Habitat insularity and fire response traits: evidence from a sclerophyll archipelagoClarke, PJ 6-May-2008
2002Habitat islands in fire-prone vegetation: Do landscape features influence community composition?Clarke, Peter John 1-May-2009
2003Habitat segregation of 'Banksia marginata' and 'B. spinulosa' at Gibraltar Range, NSWVirgona, S; Vaughton, Glenda Vera ; Ramsey, Michael William11-Feb-2010
2006Habitat segregation of 'Banksia' shrubs at Gibraltar Range National ParkVirgona, Shanti; Vaughton, Glenda Vera ; Ramsey, Michael William6-Nov-2009
2006Habitat selection at multiple spatial scales by foraging Glossy Black-cockatoosCameron, Matthew; Cunningham, Ross B3-Nov-2009
2016Habitat selection by a despotic passerine, the Bell Miner ('Manorina melanophrys'): When restoring habitat through Lantana ('Lantana camara') removal is not enoughLambert, Kathryn ; Kumar, Lalit ; Reid, Nick ; McDonald, Paul 10-Feb-2016
2008Habitat selection by ground-foraging robins in Eastern Australia: Scale dependence and hierarchical selectionCousin, Jarrad Anthony; Ford, Hugh; Doerr, Veronica3-Sep-2010
2016Habitat specificity analyses reveal the importance of grazing refugia for plant diversity conservation in a warm-temperate grassy ecosystemSchultz, Nick L; Reid, Nick ; Lodge, Greg M; Hunter, John T 31-Oct-2016
2007Habitat width along a latitudinal gradientStauffer, Dietrich; Schulze, C; Rohde, Klaus30-Nov-2011
2016Habitos y tecnicas de estudio en adolescentes con trastorno por deficit de atencion con o sin hiperactividadIglesias Garcia, Maria Teresa; Gutierrez Fernandez, Noelia; Loew, Stephen ; Rodriguez Perez, Celestino12-May-2017
2010'Había una vez...' La influencia de la literatura infantil en la construcción social del cuerpoVarea, Valeria 9-May-2014
2014The Haematology Treatment Aid Providing Personalized Information to Patients and CarersPaul, David ; Henskens, Frans; Bryant, Jamie; Smits, Rochelle; Sanson-Fisher, Robert; Stevenson, William11-May-2018
2018Hainan mantle plume produced late Cenozoic basaltic rocks in Thailand, Southeast AsiaYan, Quanshu; Shi, Xuefa; Metcalfe, Ian ; Liu, Shengfa; Xu, Taoyu; Kornkanitnan, Narumol; Sirichaiseth, Thanyapat; Yuan, Long; Zhang, Ying; Zhang, Hui20-Mar-2018
2010Hair Cortisol Concentration Differs Across Site and Person: Localisation and Consistency of Responses to a Brief Pain StressorSharpley, Chris ; Kauter, Kathleen; McFarlane, James R9-May-2011