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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1999G*d's Excludedness: Beyond Language, Beyond the World: A Levinasian Reading of Ekklesia GynaikonGray, Frances Marie19-Aug-2009
2008G.A. Deissmann (1866-1937): An analysis of an academic and theological outsider in Wilhelmine and Weimar Germany and his diverse, pioneering contributionsGerber, Albrecht ; Horsley, Gregory; Moses, John13-Sep-2010
2007G.L. McClymont: One friend's perspective on the Man and his WorkRyan, John Sprott 4-May-2009
2009Ga droplet morphology on GaAs(001) studied by Lloyd's mirror photoemission electron microscopyTang, W X; Jesson, D E; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Morgan, M J; Usher, B F10-Mar-2010
2011Gabbarli Lives in a Shoe: Working Towards Wellbeing for Older Aboriginal PeopleCrawford, Frances ; Fielding, Angela; Turner, Nalita31-Mar-2014
2011Gabmap - A Web Application for DialectologyNerbonne, John; Colen, Rinke; Gooskens, Charlotte ; Kleiweg, Peter; Leinonen, Therese26-Apr-2017
2004'Gaia: The Practical Science of Planetary Medicine': A review of James Lovelock's book by Bert Jenkins. Gaia Books Limited, revised edition, 2000Jenkins, Bertram A 22-Jul-2009
1995Gaining co-operation for mouth care from a child with cancerCampbell, Steven 29-Jul-2013
2011Gains for rural studentsCornish, Linley 6-Jul-2011
2017Gaius and Lucius CaesarHopwood, Bronwyn 16-Aug-2018
2011Galectin-11, a potential marker of reduced worm burdenPreston, Sarah; Meeusen, Els; Walkden-Brown, Steve W ; Piedrafita, D21-May-2012
2011Galectin-11, a potential marker of resistance against gastrointestinal nematode infection in small ruminantsPreston, S; Meeusen, E N T; Walkden-Brown, Steve W ; Piedrafita, D17-May-2012
2006Galen On Diseases and SymptomsJohnston, Ian Hugh29-Apr-2009
2013Galen Sotto Voce: 'Meth. Med.' 13.6 (10.892.57K)Horsley, Gregory H 9-Apr-2014
2009Galo-English Dictionary, with English-Galo IndexRibaa, Igoo; Post, Mark ; Ribaa, Ilii; Nodu, Miilii; Bagra, Kenjum; Ribaa, Bomcak; Ribaa, Toomoo; Aado, Notoo; Keenaa, Dambom; Karloo, Tadoo15-Oct-2014
2005'Gambang' Techniques: Aspects of Regionalism in Java and BaliBurns, Michael Creighton; Goldsworthy, David ; Alter, Andrew23-Feb-2016
2006Gambling Control Self-efficacy as a Mediator of the Effects of Low Emotional Intelligence on Problem GamblingKaur, I; Schutte, N ; Thorsteinsson, EB 5-May-2008
1990A Game Theory Analysis of Management Strategies for the Southern Bluefin Tuna FisheryKlieve, Helen Margaret; MacAulay, G; Doran, Howard; Kaine, Geoffrey6-Sep-2012
2004Games sense approach to improving fundamental motor skillsAustin, Brad; Haynes, John Ewen ; Miller, Judith Anne ; Davis, Katrina8-Jun-2012
2007The games we play: Assessing algebraic thinking through arithmetic activitiesFalle, Judith Louise6-Aug-2012