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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2011Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration and its use with gifted childrenJennaway, Anke; Merrotsy, Peter7-Feb-2012
2013DaciaSchmitz, Michael 11-Jul-2013
2011Dacian Military Equipment and TechnologySchmitz, Michael 26-Jul-2011
2005The Dacian Threat AD 101-106Schmitz, Michael 19-Dec-2011
2015Daily grazing time of free-ranging cattle as an indicator of available feedRoberts, Julie R ; Trotter, Mark ; Schneider, Derek ; Lamb, David ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Dobos, Robin C 26-Jul-2017
2017Daily methane emissions and emission intensity of grazing beef cattle genetically divergent for residual feed intakeVelazco, J I; Herd, Robert M ; Cottle, David ; Hegarty, Roger 18-May-2017
2015Daily torpor and hibernation in birds and mammalsRuf, Thomas; Geiser, Fritz 12-Apr-2017
2001Daily torpor in a pregnant common blossom-bat ('Syconycteris australis': Megachiroptera)Geiser, Fritz ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Law, Bradley S.30-Oct-2009
2005Daily torpor in a pregnant dunnart ('Sminthopsis macroura' Dasyuridae: Marsupialia)Geiser, Fritz ; McAllan, Bronwyn Marie; Brigham, RM10-Dec-2009
2005Daily torpor in relation to photoperiod in a subtropical blossom-bat, 'Syconycteris australis' (Megachiroptera)Geiser, Fritz ; Law, Bradley S; Koertner, Gerhard 10-Dec-2009
2006Daily, seasonal and annual patterns of transpiration from a stand of remnant vegetation dominated by a coniferous 'Callitris' species and a broad-leaved 'Eucalyptus' speciesZeppel, Melanie JB; Yunusa, Isa ; Eamus, Derek21-Feb-2012
2014Dairy cattle crossbreeding as development path for smallholders? A case study at farm level in south-western UgandaRoschinsky, Romana 1-Feb-2018
2012Dairy cattle genetics and its applications in BrazilMadalena, F E; Peixoto, M G C D; Gibson, John 20-May-2013
2013Dairy Extension Strategies in Australia: Application to the Pakistan Dairy IndustryAhmad, Sheeraz; Prior, Julian ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Thomas, Philip 23-Sep-2013
2005The Dakar Framework: constructing and deconstructing the global neo-liberal matrixTamatea, LM 7-Aug-2008
2011Dali, Surrealism and the Problem of Postmodern CampJames, Klem21-Jan-2013
1975DalwoodRyan, John S 18-Sep-2012
2010Dam Attributes And Postnatal Piglet SurvivalTabuaciri, Poasa; Bunter, Kim L ; Graser, Hans 21-Apr-2011
2007Damage and partitioned mortality of teleosts discarded from two Australian penaeid fishing gearsUhlmann, Sven Sebastian; Broadhurst, Mathew2-Dec-2010
2015Damage and Seismic Performance Assessment of FRP-Retrofitted Multi-Storey RC BuildingsMahini, Seyed Saeid 17-Jul-2015