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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009The C-Plan Conservation Planning System: Origins, Applications, and Possible FuturesPressey, Robert L; Watts, Matthew; Barrett, Thomas ; Ridges, Malcolm 
1990C.G. Jung and Modern Man's Search for a SoulRyan, John S 
2018C.H. Yadon and the Vanishing Theological Past in Oneness PentecostalismFudge, Thomas 
2010The Cabinet of Typographical MonstrositiesThorn, Benjamin 
2005A CACNA1F mutation identified in an X-linked retinal disorder shifts the voltage dependence of CaV1.4 channel activationHemara-Wahanui, A; Berjukow, S; Striessnig, J; Marksteiner, R; Hering, S; Maw, MA; Hope, CI; Dearden, PK; Wu, S ; Wilson-Wheeler, J; Sharp, DM; Lundon-Treweek, P; Clover, GM; Hoda, JC
2014Caddy, Capitalism, and Chronology in 'The Sound and the Fury'Morrell, Sascha 
2012Caesar's Gallic Genocide? A Case Study in Ancient Mass ViolenceTaylor, Tristan 
2008A Caesarian, Augustan, or Justinian Worldview of Theoretical and Quantitative Geography?Baker, Robert Graham 
2008Caffeine induces macroautophagy and confers a cytocidal effect on food spoilage yeast in combination with benzoic acidWinter, Gal ; Hazan, Reut; Bakalinsky, Alan T; Abeliovich, Hagai
2007Cainozoic igneous rocks in the Bingara to Inverell area, northeastern New South WalesVickery, Nancy M ; Dawson, MW; Sivell, Warwick John; Malloch, KR; Dunlap, WJ
2003Calculating Developer Charges for Urban Infrastructure: A Feasible Method for Applying Marginal Cost PricingMcNeill, J ; Dollery, BE 
2007Calculating the variance of the finite rate of population change from a matrix model in 'Mathematica'Skalski, John R; Millspaugh, Joshua J; Dillingham, Peter ; Buchanan, Rebecca A
2007Calculating X-Ray Diffraction from Multilayer Lateral Crystal Structures with Arbitrary Shapes and Composition ProfilesPunegov, V I; Maksimov, A I; Kolosov, S I; Pavlov, Konstantin M 
1998The Calculus of Binary Cellular AutomataMiller, Brian; Bunting, Gary 
2008CalebasseGibbard, Paul
2014Calibration and Application of Mid-Infrared DRIFT Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Soil Organic Carbon for different Soil Types and Land Uses in NSWCollins, Anthony John; Wilson, Brian ; Veeragathipillai, Manoharan
2003A Call for New Innovative Models for Continuing Care Centres That Humanize Care and Promote Quality of LifeCoulson, Irene; Keane, Ann; Himsl, Sean; Davediuk, Kevin
2014Called to PhysicsCreagh, D
2010Calligram - Nerved HakeaRyan, John Charles 
1997Calling behaviour in 'M. convecta' females under different temperature and photoperiodic conditionsdel Socorro, Alice ; Gregg, Peter