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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1971B. AustralianRyan, John S 
2004B[l]acktracking Towards Australia: 'Australian Film After Mabo'Plunkett, Felicity
2017Babbling in a bird shows same stages as in human infants: The importance of the 'Social' in vocal developmentKaplan, Gisela 
2011Baby in the bathwater: Should we abandon the use of body temperature thresholds to quantify expression of torpor?Brigham, R Mark; Willis, Craig; Geiser, Fritz ; Mzilikazi, N
2009Bach's Prelude in E-flat Major, BWV 552¹: Analysis, Performance, TeachingKnijff, Jan-Piet
2002Back to Basics: The Sequencing of Inductive and Deductive Research Methodologies in Fresh Fruit and Vegetable ResearchKjeldal, Sue-Ellen
2010Back to the Future?: Timor-Leste, Cuba and the return of the mass literacy campaignBoughton, Robert G 
2015Backfat as an Environmental Descriptor in Defining Growth Rate of the Pig: A GxE AnalysisGuy, Sarita; Hermesch, Susanne ; Thomson, Peter C
2012Background for the Development of the New England 4G Framework of Guided Self-Health for People in Rural Areas with Physical and Psychological ConditionsStuhlmiller, Cynthia ; Tolchard, Barry 
2006Background Paper: Comparing Access to JusticeReyes, Vicente
2013Backtest and novelty behavior of female and castrated male piglets, with diverging social breeding values for growthReimert, I; Rodenburg, T B; Ursinus, W W; Duijvesteijn, Naomi ; Camerlink, I; Kemp, B; Bolhuis, J E
2005Bacterial Infections in Anorexia Nervosa: Delayed Recognition Increases ComplicationsBrown, R ; Bartop, R; Beumont, P; Laird Birmingham, C
2014Bacterial metabolites in the crop, ileum and caecum depend on milling method, thermal treatment and particle size of feed in laying hensRuhnke, Isabelle ; Rohe, I; Goodarzi Boroojeni, F; Knorr, F; Mader, A; Hafeez, A; Zentek, J
2012The Bad Child Tourist: Reading Children's Rights AbroadSimpson, Brian H 
2015Bad Teacher? Using Films as Texts When Teaching Business Ethics: Exploring the IssuesFisher, Josie A ; Grant, Bligh; Palmer, Denise 
2006BaderKnijff, Jan-Piet
2007Bait and Switch PracticesFisher, Josephine A 
2013Bakhtin meets Morin: The recursive role of disruption and continuity in the emergence of noveltyAvenier, Marie-Jose; Jabri, Muayyad ; Helin, Jenny
2009Bakhtin meets Whitehead: A process view of leadershipJabri, Muayyad 
2011Bakkhylides 11 and the Rule of the «Slaves» at ArgosBourke, Graeme Francis