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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The 'A good beginning report': Implications for AustraliaSims, Margaret 
1998A.C.L.U. v. Reno: An Endorsement of Internet Self-Regulation?Lee, Karen 
2016A.S. Neill (1883-1973)Hobson, Peter 
2008AAOIFI Reporting Standards: Measuring ComplianceVinnicombe, Thea Edith; Yarram, S
2018Abalone in Diasporic Chinese Culture: The Transformation of Biocultural Traditions through Engagement with the Western Australian EnvironmentChen, Li; Ryan, John C 
2013Abbé d'Aubignac et le principe de vraisemblanceBourque, Bernard 
2008Abbé d'Aubignac et les trois unités: Théorie et pratiqueBourque, Bernard 
2012Abbé d'Aubignac: Pièces en prose. Édition critiqueBourque, Bernard 
2015Abbott's last speech as leader - no tears or laughs hereWilliamson, Rosemary A 
2016Abbott's War on DemocracyMaddox, W Graham
2016Abbott's War on the Environment and Turnbull's Hot AirVon Strokirch, Karin 
2014The ABC of health care dynamics: Understanding complex affective, behavioural, and cognitive dynamics in interprofessional teamsMitchell, Rebecca; Parker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle; Boyle, Brendan
2008The ABCs of learning disabilitiesWong, BYL; Graham, Lorraine ; Hoskyn, M; Berman, Jeanette 
2012Abdominal Contents from Two Large Early Cretaceous Compsognathids (Dinosauria: Theropoda) Demonstrate Feeding on Confuciusornithids and DromaeosauridsXing, Lida; Bell, Phil ; Persons, W Scott; Ji, Shaun; Miyashita, Tetsuto; Burns, Michael E; Ji, Qiang; Currie, Philip J
2014Aberrant Salience and Motivation as Factors in the Formation of Belief in Scientifically Unaccepted PhenomenaIrwin, Harvey J
1993Ability Grouping and its Effect on Pupil Behaviour: A Case Study of a Midlands Comprehensive SchoolTaylor, Neil 
2016Ability of sire breeding values to predict progeny bodyweight, fat and muscle using various transformations across environments in terminal sire sheep breedsHuisman, A E; Brown, Daniel ; Fogarty, N M
2014The ability of two internal clock models to predict performance on a temporal bisection taskWiles, Lisa; Bizo, Lewis ; McEwan, James S
2010Abjected Arcadias: Images of Classical Greece and Rome in Barrie Kosky's 'Oedipus', 'The Lost Echo' and 'The Women of Troy'Kiernander, Adrian 
2011Abolitionist or Relativist?: Australia's Legislative and International Responses to its International Human Rights Death Penalty Abolition ObligationsCarne, Greg