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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2011Expression of candidate genes for residual feed intake in beef cattleAl-Husseini, Wijdan; Quinn, Kim; Herd, R M; Gondro, Cedric ; Gibson, John P ; Cafe, Linda ; Greenwood, Paul; Chen, Yizhou7-May-2012
2007The Expression of Clcn7 and Ostm1 in Osteoclasts Is Coregulated by Microphthalmia Transcription FactorMeadows, N A; Sharma, S M; Faulkner, G J; Ostrowski, M C; Hume, D A; Cassady, Alan 28-Jul-2011
2005Expression of energy: commentary on the case for net metabolizable energyWarwick, Penelope Margaret21-Feb-2012
2002The expression of flcA, a gene controlling 'Azospirillum'-plant interactionsPereg, Lily 12-Jun-2012
2004Expression of flcA, a gene regulating differentiation and plant interaction in 'Azospirillum'Pereg, Lily 21-Apr-2010
2017Expression of Foreign Genes Demonstrates the Effectiveness of Pollen-Mediated Transformation in Zea maysYang, Liyan; Cui, Guimei; Wang, Yixue; Hao, Yaoshan; Du, Jianzhong; Zhang, Hongmei; Wang, Changbiao; Zhang, Huanhuan; Wu, Shubiao ; Sun, Yi30-May-2018
2007Expression of reproductive and production traits in commercial merino ewes having 0, 1 or 2 copies of the 'FecB' mutationWalkden-Brown, Steve William ; Wolfenden, D H; Charles, R J; Maddox, J F12-Jan-2010
2003Expression of the FecB Gene in Garole and crossbred ewes in Maharashtra, IndiaNimbkar, Chanda; Ghalsasi, P M; Maddox, J F; Pardeshi, V C; Sainani, M N; Gupta, V; Walkden-Brown, Steve William 5-Feb-2010
2013Exsanguination, saved in a timely manner by the plastic wrap: A case reviewSmith, Jacqueline; Usher, Kim 4-Apr-2014
2015Extended Cow Liveweight Modelling for Beef Cattle Breeding ObjectivesWalmsley, Bradley J ; Wolcott, Matthew L ; Pitchford, W S; Johnston, David ; Barwick, Stephen 20-May-2016
2017Extended Producer Responsibility for waste televisions and computers: A regulatory evaluation of the Australian experienceLodhia, Sumit; Martin, Nigel; Rice, John 15-Jul-2017
2014Extended Space Decision TreeAdnan, Md Nasim; Islam, Md Zahidul; Kwan, Paul H 6-May-2015
2011Extended-altitude, aerial mapping of crop NDVI using an active optical sensor: A case study using a Raptorâ„¢ sensor over wheatLamb, David ; Schneider, Derek ; Trotter, Mark ; Schaefer, Michael Thomas ; Yule, IJ27-Oct-2011
1997Extendible Computer Assisted Instruction SystemDenny, Patricia; Hodgson, Les; Fitzgerald, Don; Lukose, Dickson6-Dec-2010
2009Extending Complex Agricultural Research in Australia: The case of integrated parasite management in sheepThompson, Lyndal-Joy; Reeve, Ian ; Marshall, Graham ; Prior, Julian 5-Feb-2010
2009Extending the health workforce: Recruitment and retention of health professionals in primary health careFraser, John 1-Jul-2010
2002Extending the IOI to significant other and to non-hearing-aid-based interventionsNoble, William Glass 16-Nov-2009
2000Extensible MPEG-4 Textual Format (XMT)Kim, Michelle; Wood, Steve; Cheok, Lai-Tee 29-May-2017
2017Extension of Environmental Descriptors Used to Analyse Sire by Environment Interaction for Growth of PigsGuy, Sarita; Harper, J; Li, Li ; Thomson, Peter C; Hermesch, Susanne 5-Jul-2018
2010The Extension of Therapeutic Jurisprudence to Testamentary Competency and Substitute Decision-Making in the Australian ContextPurser, Kelly; Magner, Eilis; Madison, Jeanne 2-May-2011