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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Unambiguous reconstruction of the complex amplitude reflection coefficient of a laterally homogeneous crystal using analyser-based phase-contrast imagingVine, David; Paganin, David; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Podorov, S G30-Nov-2009
1985Unattained Boundary Points of the Numerical Range of Hilbert Space OperatorsMajumdar, Srimati; Sims, B; Dancer, Edward N 11-Jan-2013
2003Unbounded Principal Eigenfunctions and the Logistic Equation on R^NDu, Yihong ; Dong, Wei30-Nov-2009
2013Unbraided Lines: Essays in Environmental Thinking and WritingRyan, John C 1-Jun-2017
2014An uncertainty inequalityde Hoog, Frank; Schmalz, Gerd ; Gureyev, Timur 4-Nov-2014
2009Uncertainty, Entrepreneurial Orientation and the Use of Agreement-Only Alliances: Implications for Small Firm GovernanceWeaver, K Mark; Dickson, Pat H; Gibson, Brian ; Vozikis, George26-Mar-2010
2017Uncovering 'unwelcome truths' through student voice: teacher inquiry into agency and student assessment literacyCharteris, Jennifer ; Thomas, Eryn14-Feb-2017
2014Uncovering and Identifying the Missing Voices in Suicide BereavementMaple, Myfanwy ; Cerel, Julie; Jordan, John R; McKay, Kathryn 27-Sep-2014
2005Uncovering the causes of unnecessary repeated medical imaging examinations, or part of, in two hospital departmentsNol, James; Isouard, Godfrey ; Mirecki, Jerzy25-Jan-2012
2010Uncovering the complexities of educational disadvantage: Refining the Equity Raw‐Score MatrixWillems, Julie 6-Mar-2012
2009Under Reconstruction: Ethnicity, Ethnic Nationalism and the Future of the Nigerian StateBadmus, Isiaka Alani23-Jun-2010
2008Underachievement and DisadvantageMerrotsy, Peter21-Jan-2010
2009Underachieving Gifted Children: Intergenerational IssuesHarding, Kerry; Merrotsy, Peter; Smith, Susen17-Sep-2009
2015Undergraduate mental health nursing education in Australia: More than Mental Health First AidHappell, Brenda; Wilson, Rhonda L ; McNamara, Paul1-Dec-2015
2016Undergraduate nursing students' attitudes and use of research and evidence-based practice: an integrative literature reviewRyan, Liz 24-May-2016
2015Undergraduate student nurses' self-reported preparedness for practiceWoods, Cindy ; West, Caryn; Mills, Jane; Park, Tanya; Southern, Joanne; Usher, Kim 3-Dec-2015
2004An Undergraduate Student's Understanding of Differential Equations through Concept Maps and Vee DiagramsAfamasaga-Fuata'i, K 31-Jul-2008
2004Undergraduates Can Learn About Behavior Therapy by Using It to Help OthersMalouff, John M 28-Jul-2010
2011Underpinning success in the real world of corporations lawClarke, Catherine Therese; Wijeyewardene, Ingrid ; Landrigan, Brian; Mackay, Iain; Fraser, Helen B ; Werren, Kip 1-Aug-2011
2004Underspecification in verbal semanticsSchalley, Andrea 24-Feb-2010