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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2004The use of Buproprion for smoking cessation in rural NSWWong, Bo S; Fraser, John 14-Dec-2009
1999The use of calcium hydroxide to improve the nutritional properties of whole cottonseedWalker, Glen Peter; Leng, Ronald; Rowe, James 25-Jun-2013
2004Use of Chemical and Biological Agents to Improve Water Quality of Effluent Discharge from AbattoirsGoopy, John Patrick ; Murray, P J; Lisle, Andrew ; Al Jassim, R A M11-May-2010
2013Use of CLIMEX, Land use and Topography to Refine Areas Suitable for Date Palm Cultivation in Spain under Climate Change ScenariosShabani, Farzin; Kumar, Lalit ; Esmaeili, Atefeh19-Dec-2013
2015The Use of Cohesive Devices in News Language: Overuse, Underuse or Misuse?Yin, Zihan23-May-2017
2010The Use of Comparative Quantitative RT-PCR to Investigate the Effect of Cysteine Incubation on GPx1 Expression in Freshly Isolated CardiomyocytesKing, Nicola 18-Jun-2010
2016The Use of Critical Reflection to Facilitate Optimal Best: A Theoretical Positioning for ConsiderationPhan, Huy 10-Jun-2016
2012Use of Darwinian Particle Swarm Optimization technique for the segmentation of Remote Sensing imagesGhamisi, Pedram; Couceiro, Micael S; Ferreira, Nuno M F; Kumar, Lalit 14-Mar-2013
2015Use of developmental temperature and gastrointestinal tract location to isolate pure 'Trichostrongylus vitrinus' from mixed, naturally acquired trichostrongylid infections in sheepBlackburn, Paul Jonathan ; Carmichael, Ian; Walkden-Brown, Steve W ; Greenslade, S25-Aug-2016
2011Use of distillers' dried grains with solubles (DDGS) in the diet of broiler chicken: a reviewBhuiyan, Momenuzzaman ; Plumstead, P; Iji, Paul 7-May-2012
2008The use of dynamic testing to reveal high academic potential and under-achievement in a culturally different populationChaffey, Grahame ; Bailey, Stan B30-Jan-2012
2003The Use of Dynamic Testing to Reveal High Academic Potential and Underachievement in a Culturally Different PopulationChaffey, Grahame ; Bailey, Stanley Brian30-Jan-2012
1994The use of enzymes in low-ME wheat broiler diets: effects on AME and gut viscosityChoct, Mingan ; Hughes, R J; Trimble, R P; Annison, G17-Jun-2015
2010The use of excerpts in environmental education: the principles of deep ecologyManolas, Evangelos; Littledyke, Michael 18-May-2011
2002The Use of Feed Enzymes in Wheat-Based Diets for Laying HensRoberts, JR ; Ball, A; Suawa, E30-Jul-2008
2010Use of feed intake as an indirect selection trait for reduction of methane emissions in grazing beef cattleCottle, David 6-Jul-2011
2008The use of fluorescent fatty acid analogs as labels in trematode experimental infectionsKeeney, Devon B; Lagrue, Clement; Bryan-Walker, Kim; Khan, Nicola; Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert17-Nov-2011
2011The use of foal and studbook traits in the breeding programmes of Finnhorse and Standardbred trottersSuontama, M; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Juga, J; Ojala, M8-May-2012
2015The Use of ForceMoore, Cameron 4-Nov-2015
2015Use of functional traits to identify Australian forage grasses, legumes and shrubs for domestication and use in pastoral areas under a changing climateMitchell, M L; Norman, H C; Whalley, Ralph D 19-May-2015