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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2006A tale of two independentsBongiorno, Francis Robert7-May-2009
2007Tasmanian Aborigines and the origins of languageDavidson, Iain 17-Jul-2009
2006'They Would Speedily Abandon the Country to the New Comers': The Denial of Aboriginal RightsRoberts, D 30-Jul-2008
1978Thomas Keneally and Jimmie BlacksmithRyan, John S 13-Aug-2015
2010Using poetry to capture the Aboriginal voice in oral history transcriptsBarker, Lorina 28-Oct-2010
1971VII. Oceanic LanguagesRyan, John S 5-Nov-2015
2016Walking the Thylacine: Records of Indigenous Companion Animals in Australian Narrative and Photographic HistoryPhilip, Justine Mary; Garden, Don24-May-2016
2015Walking Together at Myall Creek: Dreaming Beyond 'a Cult of Forgetfulness'Collins, Julie 22-Mar-2017
2015Wesleyan Methodist Missions to Australia and the PacificRoberts, David ; Reeson, Margaret9-Jul-2015
2005Windradyne (c. 1800 - 1829)Roberts, David 24-Feb-2010