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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2008Aborigines & Activism: Race, Aborigines & the Coming of the Sixties to AustraliaClark, Jennifer Rose 11-Aug-2009
2003Ancient Ochres: The Aboriginal Rock Paintings of Mount BorradaileRoberts, David ; Parker, A29-Apr-2009
8-Apr-2017Artefact Disturbance in the New England Tablelands: Elucidating the Factors Harming Archaeological SitesHoward, Paul; Beck, Wendy ; Ridges, Malcolm 4-Oct-2019
2009Bearing Australia's 'beloved burden': recent offerings in Australian convict historyRoberts, David 12-Nov-2009
2003The Bells Falls massacre and oral traditionRoberts, David 4-May-2009
1998Came to Booloominbah: A Country Scholar's Progress, 1938-1942Leopold, Keith; Ryan, John S 14-Aug-2015
2010A 'City on a Hill': Religion and Buildings on the Frontier Mission at Wellington Valley, New South WalesRoberts, David 15-Jun-2010
2001Class of his Own: Francis Adams, Fiction and BiographySharkey, MF29-Oct-2008
2001The Communist party of Australia's involvement in the struggle for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's rights, 1920-1970Boughton, RG 5-Aug-2008
2005Conversations between disciplines: historical archaeology and oral history at YarrawarraBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Somerville, Margaret Jean 1-May-2009
2010The emergence of Australian settler capitalism in the nineteenth century and the disintegration/integration of Aboriginal societies: hybridisation and local evolution within the world marketLloyd, Christopher 8-Dec-2010
2013Expansion, 1820-50Ford, Lisa; Roberts, David 5-Sep-2013
2011The Failure of Noble Sentiments: Bogimbah Mission on Fraser IslandArmstrong, Sandra; Roberts, David ; Atkinson, Alan T ; Ihde, Erin 16-Jan-2012
2008"Hangin' out" and "Yarnin'": Reflecting on the experience of collecting oral historiesBarker, Lorina 13-Aug-2009
2013How did Burke die?Lewis, Darrell 21-Nov-2013
2013Iconic Artworks as Stimuli for Engaging School Students in Their National History: A Priority in Pre-Service Teacher EducationBourke, Graeme F 19-Jul-2013
2014Indigenous Australian Stories and Sea-Level ChangeReid, Nicholas J ; Nunn, Patrick ; Sharpe, Margaret 25-Feb-2016
2012Indigenous Participation in Australian Economies II: Historical engagements and current enterprisesFijn, Natasha; Keen, Ian; Lloyd, Christopher ; Pickering, Michael11-Sep-2012
2012Introduction to 'Indigenous Participation in Australian Economies II: Historical engagements and current enterprises'Keen, Ian; Lloyd, Christopher 11-Sep-2012
2007Legend-making and Lost Souls in the Australian Bush: From Wauter Lous to Lasseter and BeyondHaworth, Robert John25-May-2009