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2013Against the odds: Teaching writing in an online environmentWijeyewardene, Ingrid ; Patterson, Helen; Collins, Martin9-Jan-2014
2011Concurrent validity and test-retest reliability of a global positioning system (GPS) and timing gates to assess sprint performance variablesWaldron, Mark ; Worsfold, Paul; Twist, Craig; Lamb, Kevin28-Jun-2013
2011Dacian Military Equipment and TechnologySchmitz, Michael 26-Jul-2011
2011Estimation of vertical distribution of chlorophyll concentration by bi-directional canopy reflectance spectra in winter wheatHuang, Wenjiang; Wang, Zhijie; Huang, Linsheng; Lamb, David ; Ma, Zhihong; Zhang, Jincheng; Wang, Jihua; Zhao, Chungjiang11-May-2011
2017Evaluation of the Range Accuracy and the Radiometric Calibration of Multiple Terrestrial Laser Scanning Instruments for Data InteroperabilityCalders, Kim; Disney, Mathias I; Armston, John; Burt, Andrew; Brede, Benjamin; Origo, Niall; Muir, Jasmine ; Nightingale, Joanne14-May-2017
2014GeoGebra in Teaching and Learning Introductory StatisticsProdromou, Theodosia 14-Nov-2014
2009Hand VeinsLeedham, Graham 31-Jan-2012
2012The Implications of Personal Internet Search for Theories of Global Civil SocietyLiljeblad, Jonathan31-May-2016
2017Keep the Presses Running: the Australian printing industry in the twentieth centuryThorn, Benjamin 6-Jul-2017
2018Learning Management Systems in Jordan ContextAl-Amoush, Abd; Sandhu, Kamaljeet3-Apr-2018
2008Let us not be guided by outdated copyright treatiesPerry, Mark 30-Sep-2014
2013Monitoring the Structural Integrity of Timber Bridges under Dynamic Traffic Loads using a High Speed CameraMoore, John C ; Mahini, Saeed S ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; Patterson, Robert 13-Aug-2014
2011New pricing principles proposed for declared fixed-line servicesLee, Karen 7-Mar-2013
2013Online Delivery for Effective Learning Experience: Consideration and Conceptualization for Further AdvancementPhan, Huy 16-Dec-2013
2015Potential for Remote Monitoring of Cattle Movement to Indicate Available BiomassRoberts, Jessica Jane; Lamb, David ; Trotter, Mark ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Falzon, Gregory ; Dobos, Robin 8-Jan-2016
2013Reconceptualising student experience: Creating inter-connections between the curricular, co-curricular and technologies into a seamless place of learningKek, Megan; Godwin, Julie ; Counter, Vivienne; Padro, Fernando23-Jul-2014
2009Teaching the TeachersGregory, Susanne ; Connelly, Jan12-Mar-2010
2005Upgrading of Reinforced Concrete Joints with Carbon Fibre SheetsRonagh, Hamid Reza; Mahini, Saeed S 6-Aug-2014
2016VLEs, social stories and children with autism: A prototype implementation and evaluationVolioti, Christina; Tsiatsos, Thrasyvoulos; Mavropoulou, Sofia; Karagiannnidis, Charalampos1-Sep-2016
2011'Walwhalleya jacobsiana' (Poaceae, Paniceae), a new, rare species of grass from South AustraliaBruhl, Jeremy J ; Whalley, Ralph D 31-Aug-2011