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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2008Adult education and developmentBoughton, Robert G 10-Dec-2009
2014Amalgamation: Thoughts on the merger of Armidale College of Advanced Education and the University of New EnglandPlater, Gus2-Feb-2015
2014Called to PhysicsCreagh, D27-Jan-2015
2005A Challenge in Comparative Education: Problematizing Agricultural and Natural Resources Management Education for Post Conflict BougainvilleJenkins, Bertram A 28-Jan-2010
2009Challenging donor agendas in adult and workplace education in Timor-LesteBoughton, Robert G 9-Mar-2010
2004Co-Emergent Bodies and Place in Workplace LearningSomerville, Margaret Jean 17-Jul-2012
2003Contested communities of practice: who learns in aged care?Somerville, Margaret Jean 17-Jul-2012
1983The Contribution of Arnold Eberle to Adult Education in New England (1948-1954)Ryan, John S 27-Jul-2012
2010Creative e-learning: How to deliver a clinical unit of study in the e-learning environmentFagan, Anthea 5-Jul-2011
2017Data Visualisation and Statistics Education in the FutureProdromou, Theodosia ; Dunne, Tim6-Jun-2017
2015Determinants of course completions in vocational education and training: evidence from AustraliaFieger, Peter 11-Jan-2016
2004Development and beyondWebb, Graham 31-Mar-2010
2016Efficiency of Australian technical and further education providersFieger, Peter ; Villano, Renato ; Cooksey, Ray W 14-Jun-2016
2016Enhancing Training Advantage for Remote LearnersGuenther, John; Marshall, Mel; Dwyer, Anna; Woolorton, Sandra; Boughton, Robert G ; Stephens, Anne; Williamson, Frances ; Skewes, Janet; Bat, Melodie20-Jan-2017
2010Examining the Quality of Practical Learning in Secondary School Technical and Vocational Education Curriculum in Solomon IslandsMaebuta, Jack ; Dorovolomo, Jeremy; Phan, Huy 15-Oct-2010
2018Expanding Horizons in Open and Distance LearningRoberts, Jennifer; Kigotho, Mutuota ; Stagg, Adrian13-Apr-2018
2009Going the Distance: Distance education in 2010 and beyondDenman, Brian 7-Oct-2010
2014Governance at UNEMagner, Eilis3-Feb-2015
2004A guide to using role plays in registrar teachingFraser, John 17-Nov-2009
2011He ara hou ka tū mai: NZ institutions of higher learning unpacking demands and facilitating changeHearns, Merle; Diener, Scott; Grimley, Mick; Green, Richard; Cochrane, Todd; Davis, Niki; Morrow, Donna; Corder, Deborah; U-Mackey, Alice; Clear, Tony; Philpott, Anne; Davies, Roy; Honey, Michelle; Loke, Swee Kin; Atkins, Clare; Gregory, Sue ; Cockeram, Judy; Parsons, David; Champion, Erik; Schott, Gareth; Falloon, Garry; Thompson, David; Bell, Tim31-Jan-2012