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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2002Adaptation experiences of Sri Lankan immigrants and their children in Australia in the context of multiculturalism and Anglo-conformityGamage, S 24-Sep-2008
2007The Art of Interviewing Intercultural Parents: Methodological Challenges and OpportunitiesCrippen, Cheryl24-Dec-2009
2005Australia and Asia - Refugee Practices and PoliciesCoghlan, Jo ; Iredale, Robyn29-May-2017
1994Australian Folklore: A Yearly Journal of Folklore Studies - An issue presented to Russel Braddock Ward (b. 1914) in his 80th yearRyan, John S 2-Nov-2012
2014Becoming an African Diaspora in Australia: Language, Culture, IdentityNdhlovu, Finex 18-Dec-2014
2007A bibliography on Aboriginal and minority concerns: Identity, prejudice, marginalisation, and healing in relation to race, gender, sexuality, and the ecology of placeBowers, Randolph10-Mar-2010
2012Black nurse in white space? Rethinking the in/visibility of race within the Australian nursing workplaceMapedzahama, Virginia ; Rudge, Trudy; West, Sandra; Perron, Amelie8-Apr-2013
2014Black on Black: Insider Positionality and the Black African Migrant Research Experience in AustraliaMapedzahama, Virginia ; Kwansah-Aidoo, Kwamena26-Mar-2014
2013The burden of 'national languages' and the bondages of linguistic boundaries in postcolonial AfricaNdhlovu, Finex 15-Jun-2016
2010Canada, Australia and the Scholarship of World Folklore - Small watchers from the periphery but also significant players on much larger stagesRyan, John S 30-Jul-2012
2008Counsellor Education as human colonialism: Seeking Postcolonial approaches to educating counsellors by exploring pathways to an Indigenous aestheticBowers, Randolph11-Mar-2010
2005Culture and EthnicityDowd, T; Eckermann, A; Jeffs, L5-Aug-2008
2009Current Thinking about Critical Multicultural and Critical Race Theory in EducationGamage, Sirisena 23-Jan-2012
2016A decolonial critique of diaspora identity theories and the notion of superdiversityNdhlovu, Finex 24-May-2016
2007Diversity in Creation: Identity, Race, Sexuality and Indigenous CreativityBowers, Randolph18-Mar-2010
2009Economic Liberalisation, Changes in Governance Structure and Ethnic Conflict in Sri LankaGamage, Sirisena 2-Aug-2010
1994Editorial - Australian Folklore: A Yearly Journal of Folklore Studies - An issue presented to Russel Braddock Ward (b. 1914) in his 80th yearRyan, John S 2-Nov-2012
2010Ethnocultural diversityKwan, Stella; Marino, Rodrigo; Kiyak, H Asuman; Minichiello, Victor ; MacEntee, Michael I1-Feb-2012
1980'Frothi, Frodo - and Dodo and Odo'Ryan, John S 7-Mar-2013
2005Has multiculturalism passed its used-by-date?Gamage, S 6-Aug-2008