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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2011Active Contour Image Segmentation in Fisher Discriminant SpacesJayawardena, Ashoka ; Kwan, Paul H 19-Mar-2012
2013Active Contour Texture Segmentation in Modulus Wavelet Feature SpacesJayawardena, Ashoka ; Kwan, Paul H 12-Apr-2013
2011Analysis of Herbal Formulation in TCM: Infertility as a case studyPoon, Simon; Fan, Kei; Kwan, Paul H ; Gao, Junbin; Sze, Daniel; Poon, Josiah; Loy, Clement; Chan, Kelvin; Zhou, Xuezhong; Zhang, Runshun; Wang, Yinghui; Xie, Jinghong; Liu, Baoyan22-May-2012
2010Analysis of Synergistic and Antagonistic Effects of TCM: Cases on Diabetes and InsomniaMcGrane, Martin; Poon, Simon; Gao, Junbin; Poon, Josiah; Zhou, Xuezhong; Zhang, Runshun; Liu, Baoyan; Chan, Kelvin; Loy, Clement; Kwan, Paul H ; Sze, Daniel8-Jul-2011
2009Anomalies in multidimensional contextsDunstan, Neil ; Despi, Ioan; Watson, Charles R8-Apr-2010
2014An Application-Independent and Segmentation-Free Approach for Spotting Queries in Document ImagesChatbri, Houssem; Kwan, Paul H ; Kameyama, Keisuke8-Jan-2015
2003Approximate Query Processing for a Content-Based Image Retrieval MethodKwan, Paul H ; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kitagawa, Hiroyuki; Kameyama, Keisuke2-Aug-2010
2003Assessment of the stability and usefulness of some handwriting features used by document examinersLeedham, Graham ; Pervouchine, Vladimir; Tan, Wei Kei; Arun, Jacob12-May-2010
2011Cancer Classification from Microarray Data using Gene Feature RankingHasan, Abid; Morshed, Maruf Golam; Shareef, MD; Al-Mamun, Hawlader Abdullah; Kwan, Paul H 24-Feb-2012
2012Classification of crops and weeds from digital images: A support vector machine approachAhmed, Faisal; Al-Mamun, Hawlader A; Hossain Bari, ASM; Hossain, Emam; Kwan, Paul H 7-Aug-2012
2012A co-evolving memetic wrapper for prediction of patient outcomes in TCM informaticsDetterer, Dion; Kwan, Paul H ; Gondro, Cedric 12-Oct-2012
2008Combining Novel Acoustic Features using SVM to Detect Speaker Changing PointsZhong, Haishan; Cho, David; Pervouchine, Vladimir; Leedham, Graham 27-Jun-2014
2008Comparative Study of Several Novel Acoustic Features for Speaker RecognitionPervouchine, Vladimir; Leedham, Graham ; Zhong, Haishan; Cho, David; Li, Haizhou27-Jun-2014
2016A comparative study using contours and skeletons as shape representations for binary image matchingChatbri, Houssem; Kameyama, Keisuke; Kwan, Paul H 24-May-2016
2009Comprehensive Analysis for the Local Fisher Discriminant AnalysisGao, Junbin; Kwan, Paul H ; Huang, Xiaodi19-Apr-2010
2000Compressed Beef Marbling Image Database with Browser-based Retrieval SystemKwan, Paul H ; Yoshikawa, Fumito; Sugiyama, Tetsuo; Katagishi, Kazuki; Toraichi, Kazuo; Wada, Koichi; Otsu, Nobuyuki; Mitsumoto, Mitsuru; Nakai, Hiroyasu25-May-2010
2011Content-Based Image Retrieval of Cultural Heritage Symbols by Interaction of Visual PerspectivesKwan, Paul H ; Kameyama, Keisuke; Gao, Junbin; Toraichi, Kazuo22-Feb-2012
2012COW: A Co-evolving Memetic Wrapper for Herb-Herb Interaction Analysis in TCM InformaticsDetterer, Dion; Kwan, Paul H 26-Mar-2013
2005Critical Technological Issues of Commercializing a Pitman Shorthand Recognition SystemYang, Ma; Leedham, Graham ; Higgins, Colin; Htwe, Swe Myo20-Mar-2012
2004Decompose-Threshold Approach to Handwriting Extraction in Degraded Historical Document ImagesYan, Chen; Leedham, Graham 21-Apr-2010