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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Allee Effect And Bistability In A Spatially Heterogeneous Predator-Prey ModelDu, Yihong ; Shi, Junping9-Dec-2009
2007Arbitrary many boundary peak solutions for an elliptic Neumann problem with critical growthWei, Juncheng; Yan, Shusen 19-Apr-2010
2014Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of a Reaction Diffusion Equation with Free Boundary ConditionsCai, Jingjing; Lou, Bendong; Zhou, Maolin 8-Dec-2015
2009Asymptotic behaviour of ground state solutions for the Hénon equationCao, Daomin; Peng, Shuangjie; Yan, Shusen 21-May-2010
2017Asymptotic Profile of the Solution to a Free Boundary Problem Arising in a Shifting Climate ModelLei, Chengxia; Du, Yihong 21-Mar-2017
2017The Asymptotically Flat Scalar-Flat Yamabe Problem with BoundaryMcCormick, Steve 5-Jul-2017
2015Boundary behavior of positive solutions to nonlinear elliptic equations with Hardy potentialDu, Yihong ; Wei, Lei11-Jan-2016
2015Bubble solutions for an elliptic problem with critical growth in exterior domainWei, Juncheng; Yan, Shusen 19-Jun-2015
2010Bubbling Solutions for Relativistic Abelian Chern-Simons Model on a TorusLin, Chang-Shou; Yan, Shusen 18-May-2011
2013Bubbling Solutions for the SU(3) Chern-Simons Model on a TorusLin, Chang-Shou; Yan, Shusen 21-Nov-2013
2009Change of Environment in Model Ecosystems: Effect of a Protection Zone in Diffusive Population ModelsDu, Yihong 18-Dec-2009
2010Convergence and sharp thresholds for propagation in nonlinear diffusion problemsDu, Yihong ; Matano, Hiroshi18-May-2011
2016Critical exponents and solitary wave solutions for generalized quasilinear Schrodinger equationsDeng, Yinbin; Peng, Shuangjie; Yan, Shusen 17-Mar-2017
2015Critical O(d)-equivariant biharmonic mapsCooper, Matthew K 18-Feb-2016
2008Differential Convolution for Medical DiagnosisWatson, Charles Richard; Millis, Catherine24-Mar-2010
2014The Diffusive Competition Model With A Free Boundary: Invasion Of A Superior Or Inferior CompetitorDu, Yihong ; Lin, Zhigui30-Apr-2015
2013A diffusive logistic model with a free boundary in time-periodic environmentDu, Yihong ; Guo, Zongming; Peng, Rui12-Nov-2013
2009Effect of a protection zone in the diffusive Leslie predator-prey modelDu, Yihong ; Peng, Rui; Wang, Mingxin4-Dec-2009
2002Effects of a Degeneracy in the Competition Model Part I.: Classical and Generalized Steady-State SolutionsDu, Y 27-Jun-2008
2002Effects of a Degeneracy in the Competition Model Part II.: Perturbation and Dynamical BehaviourDu, Y 27-Jun-2008