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2014Biodiversity, biofacies and biogeography of middle Cambrian (Series 3) arthropods (Trilobita and Agnostida) on the East Gondwana marginHally, Lee A; Paterson, John R 29-Aug-2014
2013Climate change frames debate over the extinction of megafauna in Sahul (Pleistocene Australia-New Guinea)Wroe, Stephen ; Field, Judith; Archer, Michael; Grayson, Donald; Price, Gilbert; Louys, Julien; Faith, J Tyler; Webb, Gregory E; Davidson, Iain ; Mooney, Scott D7-Mar-2014
2012A diatom-inferred record of reduced effective precipitation during the Last Glacial Coldest Phase (28.8-18.0 cal kyr BP) and increasing Holocene seasonality at Lake Pupuke, Auckland, New ZealandStephens, Thomas; Atkin, Daniel; Cochran, Ursula; Augustinus, Paul; Reid, Michael ; Lorrey, Andrew; Shane, Philip; Street-Perrott, Alayne27-Feb-2013
2015The early Cambrian tommotiid genus 'Dailyatia' from South AustraliaSkovsted, Christian B; Betts, Marissa ; Topper, Timothy P; Brock, Glenn A23-Feb-2017
2017The evolution of fishes and corals on reefs: form, function and interdependenceGoatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David; Bellwood, Orpha21-May-2018
2015The evolution of fishes on coral reefs: fossils, phylogenies, and functionsBellwood, David R; Goatley, Christopher ; Cowman, Peter F; Bellwood, Orpha20-Mar-2017
2014Evolution of long-toothed fishes and the changing nature of fish-benthos interactions on coral reefsBellwood, David R; Hoey, Andrew S; Bellwood, Orpha; Goatley, Christopher 13-Apr-2017
2014Fifty million years of herbivory on coral reefs: fossils, fish and functional innovationsBellwood, D R; Goatley, Christopher ; Brandl, S J; Bellwood, O13-Apr-2017
2018First human impacts and responses of aquatic systems: A review of palaeolimnological records from around the worldDubois, Nathalie; Saulnier-Talbot, Emilie; Gomes, Doriedson F; Gregory-Eaves, Irene; Humane, Sumedh; Kattel, Giri; Jenny, JeanPhilippe; Langdon, Peter; Massaferro, Julieta; McGowan, Suzanne; Mikomagi, Annika; Ngoc, Nguyen Thi Minh; Mills, Keely; Ratnayake, Amila Sandaruwan; Reid, Michael ; Rose, Neil; Saros, Jasmine; Schillereff, Daniel; Tolotti, Monica; Valero-Garces, Blas; Gell, Peter; Battarbee, Rick; Bennion, Helen; Chawchai, Sakonvan; Dong, Xuhui; Francus, Pierre; Flower, Roger12-Jul-2018
2010Fishes on coral reefs: changing roles over the past 240 million yearsGoatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R; Bellwood, Orpha16-May-2017
2011Fossil isopods associated with a fish skeleton from the Lower Cretaceous of Queensland, Australia - direct evidence of a scavenging lifestyle in Mesozoic CymothoidaWilson, GDF; Paterson, John R ; Kear, BP22-Feb-2012
2016A history of Australia's riverine habitats and vegetationReid, Michael ; Bickford, Sophie; Gell, Peter; Kenyon, Christine26-May-2016
2013Palaeolimnological records of shallow lake biodiversity change: exploring the merits of single versus multi-proxy approachesDavidson, Thomas A; Reid, Michael ; Sayer, Carl D; Chilcott, Stephen 28-Jun-2013
2015The Rise of Jaw Protrusion in Spiny-Rayed Fishes Closes the Gap on Elusive PreyBellwood, David R; Goatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, Orpha; Delbarre, Daniel J; Friedman, Matt13-Apr-2017
2017Sedimentation in dryland river waterholes: a threat to aquatic refugia?Reid, Michael ; Thoms, Martin ; Chilcott, Stephen; Fitzsimmons, Kathryn17-May-2017
2016Systematics, biogeography and palaeoecology of Cambrian Series 3 trilobites and agnostids from East GondwanaHally, Lee Ann; Paterson, John R ; Metcalfe, Ian 8-Feb-2018
2018Towards better integration of ecology in palaeoecology: from proxies to indicators, from inference to understandingDavidson, Thomas A; Bennion, Helen; Reid, Michael ; Sayer, Carl D; Whitmore, Thomas J12-Jul-2018
2014Trilobites in early Cambrian tidal flats and the landward expansion of the Cambrian explosionPaterson, John R 29-Aug-2014
2018Using palaeoecological records to disentangle the effects of multiple stressors on floodplain wetlandsReid, Michael ; Chilcott, Stephen; Thoms, Martin 12-Jul-2018