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2014Book Launch: Peter Skrzynecki, 'Appointment Northwest'Ryan, John S 2-Nov-2015
2011Defending the Defensible: A Rebuttal of Scott Fitzpatrick's (2010) Critique of the AD 1300 Event Model with Particular Reference to PalauNunn, Patrick ; Hunter-Anderson, Rosalind15-Jul-2011
2012A diatom-inferred record of reduced effective precipitation during the Last Glacial Coldest Phase (28.8-18.0 cal kyr BP) and increasing Holocene seasonality at Lake Pupuke, Auckland, New ZealandStephens, Thomas; Atkin, Daniel; Cochran, Ursula; Augustinus, Paul; Reid, Michael ; Lorrey, Andrew; Shane, Philip; Street-Perrott, Alayne27-Feb-2013
2012Disruption of coastal societies in the Pacific Islands from rapid sea-level fall about AD 1300: new evidence from northern Viti Levu Island, FijiNunn, Patrick 4-May-2012
2012Furious Winds and Parched Islands: Tropical Cyclones (1558-1970) and Droughts (1722-1987) in the Pacificd'Aubert, AnaMaria; Nunn, Patrick 12-Sep-2012
2010Furious Winds and Parched Islands: Tropical Cyclones (Hurricanes) 1558-1970 and Droughts 1722-1987 in the Pacificd'Aubert, AnaMaria; Nunn, Patrick 27-Mar-2012
2013Mid-Holocene Environmental and Climatic Change in IranJones, Matthew; Djamali, Morteza; Stevens, Lora; Heyvaert, Vanessa; Askari, Hajar; Norolahie, Dariush; Weeks, Lloyd 29-Apr-2014
2012Nature and Chronology of Prehistoric Settlement on the Vatia Peninsula, Northern Viti Levu Island, FijiRobb, Kasey F; Nunn, Patrick 25-Jul-2012