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2013Application of Plastic Wrap to Improve Temperatures in Infants Born Less Than 30 Weeks Gestation: A Randomized Controlled TrialSmith, Jane; Usher, Kim ; Alcock, Gary; Buettner, Petra17-Apr-2014
2008The Child and the Children ActCampbell, Steven 12-May-2010
2008Childhood chronic-kidney-disease: A longitudinal-qualitative study of families learning to share management early in the trajectorySwallow, Veronica; Lambert, Heather; Clarke, Charlotte; Campbell, Steven ; Jacoby, Ann22-Feb-2010
2011Children's postoperative 'pro re nata' (PRN) analgesia: Nurses' administration practicesSmyth, Wendy; Toombes, Janelle; Usher, Kim 11-Apr-2014
2011EpigeneticsSims, Margaret 21-Dec-2011
2007Imaging lung aeration and lung liquid clearance at birthHooper, Stuart B; Kitchen, Marcus J; Irvine, Sarah C; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Lewis, Robert A; Wallace, Megan J; Yagi, Naoto; Uesugi, Kentaro; Morgan, Michael J; Hall, Chris; Siu, Karen K W; Williams, Ivan M; Siew, Melissa4-Dec-2009
2002An investigation of the hospital experiences of parents with a child in paediatric intensive careDampier, Sally; Campbell, Steven ; Watson, Don19-Jul-2012
2000Launching further research in community children's nursingCampbell, Steven ; Procter, Susan11-Sep-2013
2009Nursing and Every Child MattersCampbell, Steve ; Hunter, Judith21-May-2010
2013Patient and health-care impact of a pilot rheumatic heart disease screening programWark, Emma Kathleen; Hodder, Yvonne Coral; Woods, Cindy ; Maguire, Graeme Paul10-Aug-2016