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1988Australasia's Rising and Falling Continental Neighbour - LemuriaRyan, John S 1-Nov-2012
2010Captain Robert Duke, (1796-1845): A Biographical Case Study of Investment in the Colonial Whaling IndustryHolcomb, Janette25-May-2011
2012Furious Winds and Parched Islands: Tropical Cyclones (1558-1970) and Droughts (1722-1987) in the Pacificd'Aubert, AnaMaria; Nunn, Patrick 12-Sep-2012
1989Furphy 2 - A Walter Scott Model for the Structure of Robbery Under ArmsRyan, John S 29-Jul-2015
2005Henry Ling Roth's and George Kingsley Roth's Pacific AnthropologyMcDougall, RJ ; Croft, JC 13-May-2008
1993How American was the phrase 'Rest and Recreation'?Ryan, John S 29-Jul-2015
2014Making Surfboards: Emergence of a Trans-Pacific Cultural IndustryGibson, Chris; Warren, Andrew 24-Jun-2014
2010Myths and Oral TraditionsJones, Terry L; Storey, Alice 2-Jun-2011
2011New England Lives IVRyan, John Sprott ; Newman, Warren30-Mar-2012
2013The Recent Rise of the Research Field of Memory Studies, and the Use / Range of its Perspectives, in Relation to the Much Older Fields of Folklore and FolkloristicsRyan, John S 22-Jan-2015
2006Review of Beverley Kingston, 'A History of New South Wales' (Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 2006), pb ISBN 0 521 54168-9, pp. x, 299.Mason, Susan; Ryan, John S 17-Nov-2015
2015Wesleyan Methodist Missions to Australia and the PacificRoberts, David ; Reeson, Margaret9-Jul-2015