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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2016The academic fellowship and supportive ambience of Wright CollegeRyan, John S 23-Feb-2017
1998The Albert Joseph Memorial Orations: A Fiftieth Anniversary Tribute to the Mind and Soul of New EnglandRyan, John S 28-Mar-2013
2013Australian Folklore: A Yearly Journal of Folklore Studies - An issue dealing specifically with regional outreaches and reflectionsRyan, John S ; Smith, Robert James27-Jan-2015
2014Beyond the core: community governance for climate-change adaptation in peripheral parts of Pacific Island CountriesNunn, Patrick ; Aalbersberg, William; Lata, Shalini; Gwilliam, Marian10-Feb-2014
2015Bilanda bweeil: Ol pijin blong ples blong yumi (Suru Kavian)Schneider, Cindy 30-Jan-2018
2015Bilanda Ik: Ol samting blong solwota long ples blong yumi (Suru Kavian)Schneider, Cindy 30-Jan-2018
2015Bilanda Ruwuruwan: Ol samting blong bus long ples blong yumi (Suru Kavian)Schneider, Cindy 30-Jan-2018
2014Building bridges, building worlds: the unique contribution to the University of New England of Lionel GilbertAtchison, John 27-Jan-2015
1994A Fergus Hume Novel's Occult Folklore and the Ancient Continent of LemuriaRyan, John S 2-Nov-2012
2014Finding the road to peace and reconciliationVella, Louise23-Sep-2014
1991Furphy 1 - The Red Cord - A neglected folk motif in the early fiction of Thomas KeneallyRyan, John S 29-Jul-2015
2016Indigenous Fijian Notions of Child Development: Understanding children's ways of learning, knowing, and doing, and implications for policy and practice in the early years of schoolTiko, Lavinia Sauleca Tausere; Sims, Margaret ; McCrea, Nadine; Elliott, Sue27-Nov-2016
2012Integration of Indigenous Knowledge and Disaster Risk Reduction: A Case Study from Baie Martelli, Pentecost Island, VanuatuWalshe, Rory A; Nunn, Patrick 4-Mar-2013
2012Men and a RiverRyan, John S 19-Oct-2012
2010Myths and Oral TraditionsJones, Terry L; Storey, Alice 2-Jun-2011
2007The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 2005-2006von Strokirch, Karin Helena 21-May-2009
2012Report on MATS 2011: the Inaugural Conference of the Melanesian Association of Theological SchoolsCharlesworth, Scott 2-Nov-2012
2014A shared historyBongiorno, Frank R27-Jan-2015
2015Suru Kavian alphabet bookSchneider, Cindy 30-Jan-2018
2009'Things Fall Apart': Culture, Anthropology, LiteratureMcDougall, Russell J 14-Oct-2010