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2016Falling down the Chute with an ORCiD in handDevenish-Meares, Andrew; Plowman, Crystal12-Mar-2017
2014Implementation of Non-Traditional Research Outputs in e-publications@UNEHosking, Michele; Plowman, Crystal; Abbott, Melissa9-Nov-2017
2005Research Management in Agriculture: A Manual for the Twenty First CenturyMetcalfe, Ian ; Holloway, Bruce; McWilliam, Jim; Inall, Neil10-Aug-2010
2017A Web-Based Infrastructure for the Assisted Annotation of Heritage CollectionsFoley, Jacob; Kwan, Paul ; Welch, Mitchell 18-Oct-2017
2017Words + Works + Data + Identification = ORCIDDevenish-Meares, Andrew12-Mar-2017