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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2016An Approach for Analyzing the Vulnerability of Small Family BusinessesCowan, Lisa; Wright, Victor 22-Feb-2016
2012Autonomy versus Oversight in Local Government Reform: The Implications of 'Home Rule' for Australian Local GovernmentGrant, Bligh ; Dollery, Brian E 21-Sep-2012
2017Champions for Charities: Exploring Inclusive Leadership in the Non-profit Sector in AustraliaSmith-Ruig, Theresa 4-Sep-2017
2014The competency of innovative thinking: challenges within the Health Management course curriculumIsouard, Godfrey ; Martins, Jo8-May-2015
2016Components of teamwork that influence the successful implementation of a total quality management program in a Saudi Arabian healthcare settingAlmagheeb, Ali Hayf H; Paliadelis, Penelope; Piper, Donella ; Valenzuela-Abaca, Fredy 26-Oct-2016
2015Compromising The Organization's Identity: Pressured Organizational Submission to Externally Dictated ChangeKhan, Ashfaq Ahmad 31-Aug-2015
2011The Core Competences and Strategic Management of Raffles - A Case Study of Singapore Hotel IndustrySun, Lan 19-Mar-2012
2017Crafting careers in a technology-enabled flexible work environmentField, Justin Craig; Smith-Ruig, Theresa ; Sheridan, Alison ; Conway, Mary-Louise 29-Nov-2017
2011The disclosure of intuitions in organisations: A grounded theoryRobson, Martin10-Sep-2013
2009Editorial: Profitable MarginsSheridan, Alison J ; Pringle, Judith K; Strachan, Glenda4-Feb-2010
2017Examining the Role of Trust and Informal Communication on Mutual Learning in Government: The Case of Climate Change Policy in New YorkTemby, Owen; Sandall, Jean; Cooksey, Ray W ; Hickey, Gordon M18-May-2017
2010Exploring Career Plateau as a Multi-Faceted Phenomenon: Understanding the Types of Career Plateaux Experienced by Accounting ProfessionalsSmith-Ruig, Theresa 13-May-2010
2011From the shadows into the light: Let's get real about outsourcingHunter, James D ; Hall, Allastair N 17-Aug-2011
2011Gender and Managerial Level Differences in Perceptions of Effective LeadershipMuchiri, Michael K; Cooksey, Ray W ; Di Milia, Lee V; Walumbwa, Fred O3-Aug-2011
2011Global E-Banking Trends: Evolution, Challenges and OpportunitiesAdapa, Sujana 8-Aug-2014
2016How do civil servants view the importance of collaboration and scientific knowledge for climate change adaptation?Temby, Owen; Sandall, Jean; Cooksey, Ray W ; Hickey, Gordon M7-Nov-2016
2011Interactive white(board) elephants: A case of change mismanagementWillems, Eugene; Willems, Julie 22-Feb-2012
2017Loyal employees in difficult settings: the compounding effects of inter-professional dysfunction and employee loyalty on job tensionRice, Bridget; Knox, Kathy; Rice, John ; Martin, Nigel; Fieger, Peter ; Fitzgerald, Anneke17-Jan-2018
2008Making sense of careers through the lens of a path metaphorSmith-Ruig, Theresa 29-Apr-2010
2015Modelling the influences of evaluation on school principals: Towards evaluation capacity buildingIkin, Kerrie Beryl; McClenaghan, Peter 7-May-2015