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2013Formation of weathering-derived magnesite deposits in the New England Orogen, New South Wales, Australia: Implications from mineralogy, geochemistry and genesis of the Attunga magnesite depositOskierski, Hans C; Bailey, Judy G; Kennedy, Eric M; Jacobsen, Geraldine; Ashley, Paul ; Dlugogorski, Bogdan Z28-Mar-2013
2004Hydrothermal alteration and mineralisation of the Glen Eden Mo-W-Sn deposit: A leucogranite-related hydrothermal system, Southern New England Orogen, NSW, AustraliaKarimzadeh Somarin, Alireza; Ashley, Paul 4-May-2009
2017Lithology, petrography and Cu occurrence of the Neoproterozoic glacial Mwale Formation at the Shanika syncline (Tenke Fungurume, Congo Copperbelt; Democratic Republic of Congo)Mambwe, Pascal; Milan, Luke ; Muchez, Philippe; Batumike, Jacques; Lavoie, Sebastien; Jebrak, Michel; Kipata, Louis; Chabu, Mumba; Mulongo, Sonya; Lubala, Toto; Delvaux, Damien29-May-2017
2016Longwood Range Platinum, SouthlandCraw, Dave; MacKenzie, Doug; Ashley, Paul 22-Feb-2017
2012Mafic and ultramafic rocks, and platinum mineralisation potential, in the Longwood Range, Southland, New ZealandAshley, Paul ; Craw, D; Mackenzie, D; Rombouts, M; Reay, A4-May-2012
2010Shear-hosted base metal mineralisation at the Dana Peaks, Murchison Mountains, Fiordland, New ZealandAllibone, Andrew; Ashley, Paul ; Mackenzie, Doug; Craw, Dave3-May-2011
2010Skarn Alteration and Mineralization at Coroccohuayco, Tintaya District, PeruMaher, Kierran 22-Oct-2010
2004Structural controls on hydrothermal alteration and gold-antimony mineralisation in the Hillgrove area, NSW, AustraliaAshley, Paul ; Craw, D1-May-2009
2017Twin Hills and Mount Gunyan silver depositsHalloran, Davina; Ashley, Paul ; Cooke, Jessie28-Mar-2018
2007Variation in Copper Isotope Ratios and Controls on Fractionation in Hypogene Skarn Mineralization at Coroccohuayco and Tintaya, PeruMaher, Kierran ; Larson, Peter19-Jul-2011