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2011Association of Inherited Thrombophilia with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss in Palestinian WomenAbu-Asab, Nihad ; Ayesh, Suhail K; Ateeq, Rwan O; Nassar, Suhair M; El-Sharif, Wassif A28-Jul-2011
2016The changing birth suite experience for Australian medical studentsHogan, Emma; Woods, Cindy ; Buttrose, Maryke; Abenthum, Linda; Cheng, Hon C; de Costa, Caroline28-Mar-2017
2013Chemical and biological characterisation of solvent extracts and essential oils from leaves and fruit of two Australian species of 'Pittosporum' (Pittosporaceae) used in aboriginal medicinal practiceSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 31-Jan-2013
2015Concordance of maternal and paternal decision-making and its effect on choice for vaginal birth after caesarean sectionRobson, Stephen; Campbell, Beth; Pell, Gabrielle; Wilson, Anne; Tyson, Kate; de Costa, Caroline; Permezel, Michael; Woods, Cindy 11-Aug-2016
2009Contemporary childbirth practices in Nepal: improving outcomesRegmi, Kiran; Madison, Jeanne 10-Mar-2010
2007Follistatin serum concentrations during full-term labour in women: significant differences between spontaneous and induced labourRae, Kym Maree; Hollebone, K; Chetty, V; Clausen, J; McFarlane, James Robert26-Nov-2009
2012Knowledge of abortion law and provision of abortion services amongst tertiary students in Far North QueenslandPhillips, Tegan; Eltherington, Jessica; de Costa, Caroline; Woods, Cindy 10-Aug-2016
2014Knowledge of contraceptive methods and services among tertiary students in far North QueenslandLeung, Joyce; Pirovich, Renee; Woods, Cindy ; de Costa, Caroline11-Aug-2016
2013Pre-incision antibiotic prophylaxis reduces the incidence of post-caesarean surgical site infectionBrown, J; Thompson, M; Sinnya, S; Jeffery, A; de Costa, C; Woods, Cindy ; Howat, P; Raulli, A11-Aug-2016
2011Repair of recurrent prolapseReid, Richard Ian28-Jul-2011
2008Site Specific Prolapse Surgery. I: Reliability and Durability of Native Tissue Paravaginal RepairReid, Richard Ian; Lou, Kehui; Lou, Hui22-Sep-2011
2008Site-Specific Prolapse Surgery. II: Vaginal Paravaginal Repair Augmented with either Synthetic Mesh or Remodelling XenograftReid, Richard Ian; Lou, Kehui22-Sep-2011
2014Vitamin D concentrations in pregnant women with diabetes attending for antenatal care in Far North QueenslandCheng, Hon C; de Costa, Caroline; McLean, Anna; Woods, Cindy 11-Aug-2016
2012Vitamin D levels in pregnant women booking for antenatal care in Far North QueenslandBendall, Alexa; de Costa, Caroline; Woods, Cindy ; Howat, Paul11-Aug-2016
16-Dec-2018Vitamin D supplementation in pregnant women with diabetes in Far North QueenslandTheodore, Sigrid; de Costa, Caroline; McLean, Anna; Woods, Cindy 15-Mar-2019