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2005A CACNA1F mutation identified in an X-linked retinal disorder shifts the voltage dependence of CaV1.4 channel activationHemara-Wahanui, A; Berjukow, S; Striessnig, J; Marksteiner, R; Hering, S; Maw, MA; Hope, CI; Dearden, PK; Wu, S ; Wilson-Wheeler, J; Sharp, DM; Lundon-Treweek, P; Clover, GM; Hoda, JC21-Apr-2008
2016Genome-Wide Association Study Reveals Greater Polygenic Loading for Schizophrenia in Cases With a Family History of IllnessBigdeli, Tim B; Ripke, Stephan; Kirov, George; McQuillin, Andrew; Gurling, Hugh; Rujescu, Dan; Andreassen, Ole A; Werge, Thomas; Blackwood, Douglas H R; Pato, Carlos N; Pato, Michele T; Malhotra, Anil K; Bacanu, Silviu-Alin; O'Donovan, Michael C.; Kendler, Kenneth S; Fanous, Ayman H; Lee, Sang Hong ; Wray, Naomi R; Gejman, Pablo V; Rietschel, Marcella; Cichon, Sven; St Clair, David; Corvin, Aiden1-Apr-2016