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2009hypnosisJamieson, Graham 14-May-2012
2014Hypnotic induction is followed by state-like changes in the organization of EEG functional connectivity in the theta and beta frequency bands in high-hypnotically susceptible individualsJamieson, Graham ; Burgess, Adrian Philip4-Dec-2014
2014Low and then high frequency oscillations of distinct right cortical networks are progressively enhanced by medium and long term Satyananda Yoga meditation practiceThomas, John; Jamieson, Graham ; Cohen, Marc12-Dec-2014
2012Neurosurgery and consciousness: historical sketch and future possibilitiesHasegawa, Harutomo; Jamieson, Graham ; Ashkan, Keyoumars6-Jun-2013
2013The SWAN Captures Variance at the Negative and Positive Ends of the ADHD Symptom DimensionArnett, Anne B; Pennington, Bruce F; Friend, Angela; Willcutt, Erik G; Byrne, Brian J ; Samuelsson, Stefan; Olson, Richard K17-Jul-2013
2016A unified theory of hypnosis and meditation states: the interoceptive predictive coding approachJamieson, Graham 27-Apr-2017