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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
20181D Self-Assembly and Ice Recrystallization Inhibition Activity of Antifreeze Glycopeptide-Functionalized Perylene BisimidesAdam, Madeleine K; Jarrett-Wilkins, Charles; Ben, Robert N; Wilkinson, Brendan ; Beards, Michael; Staykov, Emiliyan; MacFarlane, Liam R; Bell, Toby D M; Matthews, Jacqueline M; Manners, Ian; Faul, Charl F J; Moens, Pierre 21-Jun-2018
2004Amide-appended porphyrins as scaffolds for catenanes, rotaxanes and anion receptorsGunter, Maxwell John; Farquhar, Sandra; Mullen, Kathleen4-May-2009
2002A building BLOCK approach to bis-porphyrin cavity systems with convergent and divergent wall orientationsJohnston, MR; Gunter, Maxwell John; Warrener, RN19-May-2009
2014Chemical modification of multiwalled carbon nanotube with a bifunctional caged ligand for radioactive labellingOrmsby, Ross W; McNally, Tony; Mitchell, Christina A; Musumeci, Anthony; Schiller, Tara; Halley, Peter; Gahan, Lawrence; Martin, Darren; Smith, Suzanne V; Dunne, Nicholas J13-Jan-2015
2009Crown-ether- and porphyrin-attached gel-phase resins in thermodynamically controlled rotaxane assemblyMullen, Kathleen; Johnstone, Ken; Nath, Dilip; Bampos, Nick; Sanders, Jeremy K; Gunter, Maxwell John11-Jul-2011
2005Dynamic synthesis of a macrocycle containing a porphyrin and an electron donorKieran, AL; Pascu, SI; Jarrosson, T; Gunter, Maxwell John; Sanders, JKM1-May-2009
2012Effect of Cross-Link Density on Photoplasticity of Epoxide Networks Containing Allylic Dithioether MoietiesCook, Wayne D; Schiller, Tara; Chen, Fei; Moorhoff, Cornelis; Thang, San H; Bowman, Christopher N; Scott, Timothy F15-Oct-2013
2003The effects of catenation on the acidity constants of porphyrin [2]catenanesGunter, Maxwell John; Farquhar, Sandra; Jeynes, Tyrone19-May-2009
2002Establishing a library of porphyrin building blocks for superstructured assemblies: porphyrin dienes and dienophiles for cycloaddition reactionsGunter, Maxwell John; Tang, Hesheng; Warrener, RN19-May-2009
2005Flexible self-assembling porphyrin supramoleculesJohnstone, Ken; Yamaguchi, K; Gunter, Maxwell John1-May-2009
2006Gel-phase HR-MAS ¹H NMR spectroscopy as a probe for solid-tethered diimide rotaxanes and catenanesJohnstone, Ken; Bampos, N; Sanders, JKM; Gunter, Maxwell John1-May-2009
2009Hinged bis-porphyrin scaffolds I: The synthesis of a new porphyrin diene and its role in constructing hinged porphyrin dyads and cavity systemsTang, Hesheng; Dong, Zemin; Merican, Zul; Margetic, Davor; Marinic, Zaljko; Gunter, Maxwell J; Officer, David; Butler, Douglas; Warrener, Ronald28-Jun-2011
2013In vitro biostability of poly(dimethyl siloxane/hexamethylene oxide)-based polyurethane/layered silicate nanocompositesAndriani, Yosephine; Morrow, Isabel C; Taran, Elana; Edwards, Grant A; Schiller, Tara; Osman, Azlin F; Martin, Darren J17-Oct-2013
2015Light-induced structural evolution of photoswitchable carbohydrate-based surfactant micellesTabor, Rico F; Pottage, Matthew J; Garvey, Christopher J; Wilkinson, Brendan 21-Apr-2017
2015Matching Genotypes with Feed Resources: Performance of female Holstein-Friesian and Ayrshire crosses under varying feeding regimes and production systems in Western KenyaLukuyu, Margaret Nyawira; Savage, Darryl ; Gibson, John ; Greenwood, Paul7-Jan-2016
2008Monitoring the thermodynamically-controlled formation of diimide-based resin-attached rotaxanes by gel-phase HR MAS ¹H NMR SpectroscopyMullen, Kathleen; Johnstone, Ken; Webb, Matthew; Bampos, Nick; Sanders, Jeremy K M; Gunter, Maxwell John1-May-2009
2006Multiporphyrin Arrays Assembled Through Hydrogen BondingGunter, Maxwell John30-Jun-2011
2005Neutral donor-acceptor porphyrin-stoppered [2]rotaxanesGunter, Maxwell John; Merican, Zulkifli1-May-2009
2003Neutral π - associated porphyrin [2]catenanesGunter, Maxwell John; Farquhar, Sandra1-May-2009
2013Organization of mixed dimethyldioctadecylammonium and choline modifiers on the surface of synthetic hectoriteAndriani, Yosephine; Jack, Kevin S; Gilbert, Elliot P; Edwards, Grant A; Schiller, Tara; Strounina, Ekaterina; Osman, Azlin F; Martin, Darren J3-Feb-2014