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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2017Aelius AristidesDillon, Matthew 20-Mar-2018
2004Archaic Eretria: A Political and Social History from the Earliest Times to 490 BCWalker, Keith G29-Apr-2009
2003Aspect and Tense: [Revised version of a paper read at the Macquarie Language Colloquium of the 14 September (2001).]Treloar, Alan 22-May-2009
2006Blood and Hunger in the IliadNeal, Beatrice Tamara1-May-2009
2013Character and Childhood in Children's Literature: Case Studies in Classical ReceptionHale, Elizabeth 24-Jun-2013
2015Classics, Children's Literature, and the Character of Childhood, from 'Tom Brown's Schooldays' to 'The Enchanted Castle'Hale, Elizabeth 2-Oct-2015
2015Dead on Time: Valerius Maximus 9.13 and StoicismLawrence, Sarah 15-Aug-2016
2016Feminist Medusas and outback Minotaurs: why myth is big in children's booksHale, Elizabeth 4-Jul-2016
2009Ghosts of Optimism: Virgil's Parade of Heroes in Joyce's "Circe"Pogorzelski, Randall8-Nov-2010
2016Katabasis "Down Under" in the Novels of Margaret Mahy and Maurice GeeHale, Elizabeth 20-Mar-2017
2018La Legende d'Alceste: les themes de l'heroisme feminin et du sacrifice chez La Calprenede et d'AubignacBourque, Bernard 29-Aug-2018
2006"Liuia grauis": a Note on Tacitus, "Annales" I,10,5Tesoriero, Charles Anthony 3-Jun-2009
2011Magic and Property: The Legal Context of Apuleius' 'Apologia'Taylor, Tristan 3-Feb-2012
2004The Middle of LucanTesoriero, Charles Anthony 4-May-2009
2016Putting Torture (And Valerius Maximus) To The TestLawrence, Sarah 15-Aug-2016
2009The "Reassurance of Fratricide" in the 'Aeneid'Pogorzelski, Randall8-Nov-2010
2007Righting the Reader: Conflagration and Civil War in Lucan's De Bello CiviliRoche, Paul Andrew1-May-2009
2003Rufinus' Translation Techniques in the Regula BasiliSilvas, AM 30-Jun-2008
2018Vis and Seruitus: The Dark Side of Republican Oratory in Valerius MaximusLawrence, Sarah 28-Jun-2018
2003'Woe for Adonis' - But in Spring, Not SummerDillon, Matthew Paul 4-Jun-2009