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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2016Aboriginal Memories of Inundation of the Australian Coast Dating from More than 7000 Years AgoNunn, Patrick ; Reid, Nicholas J 6-Nov-2017
2017Approaching micro-level planning from an intelligibility perspective: a case study from Pentecost Island, VanuatuSchneider, Cindy ; Gooskens, Charlotte 9-Oct-2017
2015Can small islands tell large(r) stories?: The microcosm of Nepean Island, Norfolk Island ArchipelagoNash, Joshua 21-Sep-2017
2018Challenging Intellectual Colonialism: The Rarely Noticed Question of Methodological Tribalism in Language ResearchNdhlovu, Finex ; Kamusella, Tomasz20-May-2018
2006Compounding and the Structure of the Tani LexiconPost, Mark 7-Jul-2016
2016Contact-Induced Grammatical Change in Melanesia: Who were the Agents of Change?Siegel, Jeff19-Aug-2016
2016Creole Spatiality and Pitcairn Island: A Comment on Feinberg and Mawyer's Ethos Special Issue 'Senses of Space'Nash, Joshua 4-Oct-2017
2007Grammaticalization and compounding in Thai and Chinese: A text-frequency approachPost, Mark 7-Jul-2016
2018Ideologies, practices, and their effect on dialect vitality: a case study from VanuatuSchneider, Cindy 11-Jan-2018
2018Introduction: Linguistic and Cultural Imperialism, AlasKamusella, Tomasz; Ndhlovu, Finex 11-Jul-2018
2016Introduction: The space of aquapelagoNash, Joshua 4-Sep-2017
2016Is Ecolinguistics Necessary?Nash, Joshua 12-Sep-2017
2015Is it worth documenting "just a dialect"? Making the case for Suru Kavian (Pentecost Island)Schneider, Cindy ; Gray, Andrew18-Aug-2016
2016Is linguistic landscape necessary?Nash, Joshua 9-Oct-2017
2015Is toponymy necessary?Nash, Joshua 4-Sep-2017
2015Island placenaming and insular toponymiesNash, Joshua 4-Sep-2017
2015Language and Culture in Northeast India and Beyond: In Honour of Robbins BurlingPost, Mark ; Morey, Stephen; Delancey, Scott 15-Feb-2016
2016Language contact and 'the Catch': Norfolk Island fishing ground namesNash, Joshua 21-Sep-2017
2019Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Factors Affecting Intelligibility Across Closely Related Varieties in Pentecost Island, VanuatuGooskens, Charlotte ; Schneider, Cindy 15-Oct-2019
2017Linguistic Topography and Language Survivalvan Driem, George19-May-2017