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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2008Adjectives in Thai: Implications for a functionalist typology of word classesPost, Mark 2-Sep-2014
2013The Ancestry of Tibetanvan Driem, George4-Feb-2015
2011The Austroasiatic Urheimat: the Southeastern Riverine HypothesisSidwell, Paul; Blench, Roger25-Feb-2015
2013Biactantial agreement in the Gongduk transitive verb in the broader Tibeto-Burman contextvan Driem, George28-Jan-2015
2014A Cognitively Grounded Measure of Pronunciation DistanceWieling, Martijn; Nerbonne, John; Bloem, Jelke; Gooskens, Charlotte ; Heeringa, Wilbert; Baayen, R Harald1-May-2015
2010Contact Languages of the PacificSiegel, Jeff 19-Dec-2011
2014Creolization in the Divergence of Tibeto-Burman LanguagesDelancey, Scott 31-Oct-2014
2015The Early Years of Language Contact: IntroductionPfander, Stefan; Siegel, Jeff3-Jun-2015
2013East Asian Ethnolinguistic Phylogeographyvan Driem, George28-Jan-2015
2012The ethnolinguistic identity of the domesticators of Asian ricevan Driem, George27-Jan-2015
2012Etyma, shouldered adzes and molecular variantsvan Driem, George30-Jun-2015
2011Finite structures from clausal nominalization in Tibeto-Burman languagesDelancey, Scott 31-Oct-2014
2009Genetic and linguistic borders in the Himalayan RegionKraaijenbrink, Thirsa; Parkin, Emma J; Carvalho-Silva, Denise R; van Driem, George; Barbujani, Guido; Tyler-Smith, Chris; Jobling, Mark A; de Knijff, Peter1-Jun-2015
2012Glimpses of the Ethnolinguistic Prehistory of Northeastern Indiavan Driem, George9-Feb-2015
2011Grammaticalization and syntax: a functional viewDelancey, Scott 17-Nov-2014
2008Grammaticalization and the Discourse Distribution of Serial Verbs in AssamesePost, Mark 22-Sep-2014
2013The History of Postverbal Agreement in Kuki-ChinDelancey, Scott 21-Oct-2014
2013How close is one language to another?van Driem, George28-Jan-2015
2013Introduction to the Temein languagesBlench, Roger6-May-2015
2015Journal of Language Contact: Volume 8, Issue 1Pfander, Stefan; Siegel, Jeff3-Jun-2015