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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2016Analysis of the Functionality, Value and Constraints of Using Camera Traps for Wildlife Monitoring and Ecological ResearchMeek, Paul ; Vernes, Karl ; Fleming, Peter ; Ballard, Guy ; Falzon, Gregory 8-Aug-2017
2016Applications of Rapid Evaluation of Metapopulation Persistence (REMP) in Conservation Planning for Vulnerable Fauna SpeciesTaylor, Subhashni ; Drielsma, Michael ; Taylor, Robert; Kumar, Lalit 7-Jun-2016
2017Are research efforts on Animalia in the South Pacific associated with the conservation status or population trends?Shabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Ahmadi, Mohsen; Esmaeili, Atefeh19-Oct-2017
2013Are there Monthly Variations in Water Quality in the Amman, Zarqa and Balqa Regions, Jordan?Alqadi, Khaled A; Kumar, Lalit 26-Jul-2013
2008Are Tropical Streams Ecologically Different from Temperate Streams?Boulton, Andrew ; Boyero, Luz; Covich, Alan P; Dobson, Michael; Lake, Sam; Pearson, Richard8-Mar-2010
2016Assessment of climate change impacts on river hydrology and habitat suitability of 'Oxynoemacheilus bergianus'. Case study: Kordan River, IranMorid, Reihaneh; Delavar, Majid; Eagderi, Soheil; Kumar, Lalit 7-Apr-2016
2013Belowground eco-restoration of a suburban waste-storage landscape: Earthworm dynamics in grassland and in a succession of woody vegetation coversMorales, Pamela K; Yunusa, Isa ; Lugg, Glenys; Li, Zheng; Gribben, Paul; Eamus, Derek5-Feb-2014
2010Biomass production and water use efficiency of grassland in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaPalmer, AR; Short, A; Yunusa, Isa 11-May-2011
2006The biotic and abiotic legacy of a large infrequent flood disturbance in the Sabie River, South AfricaParsons, Melissa ; McLoughlin, CA; Rountree, MW; Rogers, KH19-Jul-2011
2011A broad brush-stroke test of an assumption: does increasing 'Callitris' cover reduce native species richness (species density)?Hunter, John T 23-Jun-2015
2017Climate change impacts on the threatened terrestrial vertebrates of the Pacific IslandsKumar, Lalit ; Tehrany, Mahyat19-Oct-2017
2014Colonization and Biodegradation of Photo-Oxidized Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) by New Strains of 'Aspergillus' sp. and 'Lysinibacillus' sp.Esmaeili, Atefeh; Pourbabaee, Ahmad Ali; Alikhani, Hossein Ali; Shabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit 28-Aug-2014
2016A comparison of absolute performance of different correlative and mechanistic species distribution models in an independent areaShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Ahmadi, Mohsen12-Oct-2016
2016Crop niche modeling projects major shifts in common bean growing areasRamirez Cabral, Nadiezhda Yakovleva Zitz; Kumar, Lalit ; Taylor, Subhashni 1-Apr-2016
2015Delivery of crop pollination services is an insufficient argument for wild pollinator conservationKleijn, David; Winfree, Rachael; Ricketts, Taylor H; Williams, Neal M; Lee Adamson, Nancy; Ascher, John S; Baldi, Andras; Batary, Peter; Benjamin, Faye; Biesmeijer, Jacobus C; Blitzer, Eleanor J; Bommarco, Riccardo; Bartomeus, Ignasi; Brand, Mariette R; Bretagnolle, Vincent; Button, Lindsey; Cariveau, Daniel P; Chifflet, Remy; Colville, Jonathan F; Danforth, Bryan N; Elle, Elizabeth; Garratt, Michael PD; Herzog, Felix; Carvalheiro, Luisa G; Holzschuh, Andrea; Howlett, Brad G; Jauker, Frank; Jha, Shalene; Knop, Eva; Krewenka, Kristin M; Le Feon, Violette; Mandelik, Yael; May, Emily A; Park, Mia G; Henry, Mickael; Pisanty, Gideon; Reemer, Menno; Riedinger, Verena; Rollin, Orianne; Rundlof, Maj; Sardinas, Hillary S; Scheper, Jeroen; Sciligo, Amber R; Smith, Henrik G; Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf; Isaacs, Rufus; Thorp, Robbin; Tscharntke, Teja; Verhulst, Jort; Viana, Blandina F; Vaissiere, Bernard E; Veldtman, Ruan; Ward, Kimiora L; Westphal, Catrin; Potts, Simon G; Klein, Alexandra-Maria; Kremen, Claire; M'Gonigle, Leithen K; Rader, Romina 12-Oct-2016
2018Differences in tree and shrub establishment due to tree guard type in a temperate upland pastureBrown, Sharon L ; Reid, Jacqueline ; Reid, Nick ; Smith, Rhiannon 30-May-2018
2018Does the reintroduction of large wood in a large dryland river system benefit fish assemblages at the reach scale?Matheson, Adrian; Thoms, Martin ; Southwell, Mark; Reid, Michael 16-Feb-2018
2011Ecological Restoration across Landscapes of Politics, Policy, and PropertyBrunckhorst, David J 18-Jun-2012
2003Ecology of 'Nassella neesiana', Chilean needle grass, in pastures on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. I: Seed production and dispersalGardener, M R; Whalley, Ralph D ; Sindel, Brian M 28-Oct-2009
2003Ecology of 'Nassella neesiana', Chilean needle grass, in pastures on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. II: Seedbank dynamics, seed germination, and seedling recruitmentGardener, M R; Whalley, Ralph D ; Sindel, Brian M 28-Oct-2009