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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2011The best planning system in Australia or a system in need of review? An analysis of the New South Wales planning systemMcFarland, Paul 3-Aug-2011
2015Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Land-Use Planning in the Second Machine AgeSorensen, Anthony 21-Apr-2016
2005Constructing desiresWood, Stephen ; Dovey, Kim6-May-2010
2006Contesting Characters at Hedgeley DeneWood, Stephen ; Woodcock, Ian; Dovey, Kim20-Aug-2009
2005Contradictory Characters: Place-Identity and the Post-Suburban CityDovey, Kim; Woodcock, Ian; Wood, Stephen 29-Mar-2010
2014Enacting food sovereignty: values and meanings in the act of domestic food production in urban AustraliaLarder, Nicolette ; Lyons, Kristen; Woolcock, Geoff15-Aug-2016
2017Incoherence of urban planning policy in Bucharest: Its potential for land use conflictIanos, Ioan; Sorensen, Anthony ; Merciu, Cristina18-Nov-2016
2016It's All About Growth: Peri-Urban Planning in 'The Bush'McFarland, Paul 20-May-2016
2013It's All About Growth: Peri-urban Planning in 'The Bush'McFarland, Paul 12-Apr-2016
2011Land Use Planning in Oregon, USA: Lessons for Managing Scarce Land ResourcesMcFarland, Paul 20-Mar-2012
2004Limits to Urban CharacterWoodcock, Ian; Dovey, Kim; Wood, Stephen 29-Mar-2010
2014Memories of the Botany Department, or Botanical Memories, 1978 to 1995Sheather, Warren3-Feb-2015
2015Multi-functionality and the Urban-Rural Dichotomy in Australian Metropolitan PlanningMcFarland, Paul 25-May-2016
2006Neighbourhood Nationalism: Our home is girt by seaWoodcock, Ian; Dovey, Kim; Wood, Stephen 29-Mar-2010
2006Performing Urban Character: Nine Takes on Place IdentityDovey, Kim; Wood, Stephen ; Woodcock, Ian6-Apr-2010
2015The Peri-urban Land-Use Planning Tangle: An Australian PerspectiveMcFarland, Paul 30-Jun-2015
2017Possibilities for alternative peasant trajectories through gendered food practices in the Office du NigerLarder, Nicolette 23-Jan-2017
2015Rapid appraisal of rainfall threshold and selected landslides in Baguio, PhilippinesJavier, Dymphna; Kumar, Lalit ; Tengonciang, Arlene Mae P11-Aug-2015
2005Refacing the city: The Melbourne DocklandsWood, Stephen 20-Aug-2009
2012A Region's Railway Lore: Or, Along the Permanent Way: Some not so fictional Railway Angsts in North Western New South Wales, from the 1920s to the 1960s and AfterRyan, John S 13-May-2013