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2008Crossing the boundaries? Exploring employer controls on lawful employee conduct outside working hoursKennedy, Amanda L 20-Apr-2010
2012Employers' Liability and Workers' Compensation: AustraliaLunney, Mark 22-Apr-2013
2002Employment Law in PrinciplePrice, Rohan Bruce E.29-Apr-2009
2007Flexibility and choice for whom? The 'Higher Education Workplace Relations Requirements' and the individualisation of the Australian academic employment relationshipKennedy, Amanda L 7-Jul-2011
2005Individualism and collectivism within the academic employment relationship: A changing Australian higher education employment relations agendaWilliamson, Amanda Leigh 16-Apr-2009
2005Individualism versus collectivism within academia: implications for managing the academic employment relationshipWilliamson, Amanda Leigh 16-Aug-2009
2001The Legal Regulation of OHSEburn, Michael E19-Apr-2012
2008'More Sinned Against Than Sinning' Telstra Corporation Ltd v StreeterKennedy, Amanda Leigh 22-May-2009
2008The 'new balance'? Employee privacy in Australia:Kennedy, Amanda L 26-Mar-2010
2005"Supple, sassier and commercially-minded"? Assessing the current higher education employment relations agenda and the drive to individualise the Australian academic employment relationshipWilliamson, Amanda L 8-Jul-2011
2010"We Don't Have the Key to the Executive Washroom": Women's Perceptions and Experiences of Promotion in AcademiaGuth, Jessica; Wright, Frances27-Jun-2012
2008Where does work life begin and private life end?: An examination of employee liability for out-of-hours conductKennedy, Amanda L 24-Mar-2010
2009Women in the Higher Education SectorGuth, Jessica; Wright, Frances29-Nov-2011