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2015Assessing Expression of MUC1 and ZAG Protein Biomarkers in Prostate Biopsies Improves Prediction of Adverse Pathology Following Radical ProstatectomyDurrani, N; Waldron, Mark ; Cherry, C; Harewood, L; Frydenberg, M; Pedersen, J; Mills, J25-Aug-2017
2011Associations of HSP90 Client Proteins in Human Breast CancerShipp, Christopher; Watson, Kenneth ; Jones, Graham L 16-Sep-2011
2014Green fluorescent protein expression triggers proteome changes in breast cancer cellsCoumans-Moens, Joelle ; Gau, David; Poljak, Anne; Wassinger, Valerie; Roy, Partha; Moens, Pierre 6-Feb-2014
2010Loss of Osteoclasts Contributes to Development of Osteosarcoma Pulmonary MetastasesEndo-Munoz, L; Cumming, A; Dickinson, I; Guminski, A; Saunders, N A; Rickwood, D; Wilson, D; Cueva, C; Ng, C; Strutton, G; Cassady, Alan ; Evdokiou, A; Sommerville, S1-Feb-2012
2015Profilin-1 mediated cell-cycle arrest: searching for drug targetsMoens, Pierre ; Coumans-Moens, Joelle 5-Feb-2016
2018Quantitative image mean squared displacement (iMSD) analysis of the dynamics of profilin 1 at the membrane of live cellsDavey, Rhonda ; Digman, Michelle ; Gratton, Enrico; Moens, Pierre 19-Jun-2018