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2008Covariant Differentiation Under Rolling MapsSilva-Leite, Fatima; Krakowski, Krzysztof20-Jun-2011
2010Higher-order smoothing splines versus least squares problems on Riemannian manifoldsMachado, Luís; Silva Leite, Fátima; Krakowski, Krzysztof6-Apr-2010
2010Rolling Maps in Riemannian ManifoldsKrakowski, Krzysztof; Silva Leite, Fatima19-Jul-2011
2007Sensitivity analysis of programmed cell death and implications for crosstalk phenomena during Tumor Necrosis Factor stimulationEissing, Thomas; Waldherr, Steffen; Gondro, Cedric ; Bullinger, Eric; Sawodny, Oliver; Allgower, Frank; Scheurich, Peter; Sauter, Thomas12-Feb-2010
2007What teaching linkages does Rural Science have within the University of New England and with external partners?: Are we making the most of the opportunities?Scott, James Murray 2-Nov-2009
2012Why Controllability Of Rolling Motions May FailKrakowski, Krzysztof; Silva Leite, Fatima21-Oct-2013