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2010Accounting Education and Practice Interactions in Developing Countries and the Role of Global Pressure: An Ethiopian ExampleBobe, Belete Jember; Mihret, Dessalegn23-Nov-2011
2018Accounting problems in the valuation of infrastructure assets in New South Wales local governmentIvannikov, Igor ; Dollery, Brian E; Blackwell, Boyd 25-Jun-2018
2012Accounting professionalization amidst alternating state ideology in EthiopiaMihret, Dessalegn; James, Kieran; Mula, Joseph M21-Sep-2012
2015The Agile Learning Model: Using big data to personalise the acquisition of accounting skillsGregory, Brent ; Wysel, Matthew ; Gregory, Sue 17-Jun-2016
-Corporate Governance in China: An Analysis of Ownership Changes after the 1997 AnnouncementHovey, Martin 7-Oct-2010
2013Culture-Specific Forensic Accounting Conceptual Framework: A Skills Set Theoretical AnalysisShanikat, Mohammed; Khan, Ashfaq A 19-Dec-2013
2019The emission trading system, risk management committee and voluntary corporate response to climate change - a CDP studyHossain, Mohammed; Farooque, Omar 25-Jun-2019
2018An Exploratory Analysis of Earnings Management Practices in Australia and New ZealandSun, Lan ; Farooque, Omar 24-May-2018
2017Exploring the Impact of Internal Corporate Governance on the Relation Between Disclosure Quality and Earnings Management in the UK Listed CompaniesKatmon, Nooraisah; Farooque, Omar 17-May-2017
1996Financial Measurement and Australian Accounting StandardsGibson, Kathy; Goyen, Michelle 12-Mar-2010
2013How to Develop Corporate Sustainability Accounting: A Conceptual Design of Sustainable Financial Monetising Accounting System (SFMAS)Abou Taleb, Mona ; Hovey, Martin 24-Jul-2014
2015Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into Corporate Governance Structure: The Effect of Board Diversity and Roles - A Case Study of Saudi ArabiaAlshareef, Mohammed Naif Z; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 15-Jul-2015
2013Just Price and Fair Value: A Null Hypothesis SupportedDonleavy, Gabriel 19-Feb-2016
2014Qualitative Research: A Case for a Multi-Angle View to Enhance 'Validity'Khan, Ashfaq Ahmad 2-Sep-2014
2011The role of the state and transnational accounting bodies in the development of accounting associations in developing countriesTerdpaopong, Kanitsorn; Mihret, Dessalegn10-Jul-2012
2014A step towards a general theory of accounting valuationDonleavy, Gabriel 24-Feb-2016
2012Sustainable Accounting For Company Level: Theoretical FrameworkAbou Taleb, Mona ; Hovey, Martin 4-May-2012
2016Sustainable Financial Reporting Practice in Australian Companies: Does Quality Matter?Farooque, Omar 10-Aug-2016
2015Usefulness unfulfilled: a performance review of value added statementsDonleavy, Gabriel 9-Oct-2015