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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Aboriginal English in the criminal justice systemEades, Diana 2-Jun-2010
2010Acting in the best interests of the child: a case study on the consequences of competing child protection legislation in Western AustraliaBudiselik, William; Crawford, Frances ; Squelch, Joan31-Mar-2014
2005Beyond Difference and Domination?: Intercultural Communication in Legal ContextsEades, Diana 1-Jun-2010
2009Comment on Jan Blommaert's 'Language, Asylum, and the National Order'Eades, Diana 28-Nov-2011
2010Comment on Trinch's risky subjects: Risky narratives in courtroom testimonyEades, Diana 13-Jul-2011
2008Communicating with Aboriginal people in New South WalesEades, Diana 11-Jan-2012
2014Courting justice beyond the cityscape: Access to justice and the rural, regional and remote magistrates' courtsHarris, Bridget ; Jordan, Lucinda; Phillips, Lydia4-Feb-2016
1986Currency Lasses and a Police Villain in the 'Lawless Kelly' Bushranger MythRyan, John S 27-Aug-2012
2015Family violence in the rural landscapeHarris, Bridget 4-Feb-2016
2010Guidelines from Linguists for LADOEades, Diana 28-Oct-2011
2006Interviewing and Examining Vulnerable WitnessesEades, Diana 29-Jul-2011
2016Introduction: Locating Regional, Rural, and Remote Crime in Theoretical and Contemporary ContextHarris, Bridget ; Harkness, Alistair31-Aug-2016
2013Is the Arab Spring Coming to China? The Missing Piece of the PuzzleChen, Ying 15-Apr-2017
2016Judicial understandings of Aboriginality and language useEades, Diana 31-Mar-2016
2012Just Spaces: Community Legal Centres as levelling places of lawBlair, Megan; Harris, Bridget 4-Feb-2016
2014Landscapes of Violence: Women Surviving Family Violence in Regional and Rural VictoriaGeorge, Amanda; Harris, Bridget 28-Jan-2016
2003Lawyer-client communication: "I don't think the lawyers were communicating with me": Misunderstanding cultural differences in communicative styleEades, Diana 26-May-2010
2015Legitimate Spaces: Community Legal Centres and Police AccountabilityHarris, Bridget 28-Jan-2016
2016Locating Crime in Context and Place: Perspectives on Regional, Rural and Remote AustraliaHarkness, Alistair; Harris, Bridget ; Baker, David28-Jan-2016
2010Nationality claims: Language analysis and asylum casesEades, Diana 26-May-2011